CZ Purlin Roll Forming Machine

About CZ Roll Forming Machine

Purlins are generally referred to as the roof structure elements that extend parallel to the building ridge in steel construction, which act as a support for the wall panels, roof sheets, etc. Under such a setup, purlins are supported by walls or beams. Purlins are typically used in steel building systems, where C-shape purlins or Z-shape purlins can be used between spans for flexural continuity.

Now a CZ purlin roll forming machine, also shortened to CZ purlin machine, is capable of forming the C-shape, U-shape and Z-shape purlins of various sizes. The mechanism of CZ purlin roll forming machines is easy to understand once you grasp the idea of the different shapes of purlins. The “C-shapes” generally refer to the purlin or channel section with or without flange. The “U-shapes” generally reference the channel sections without flange stiffeners. The point symmetric section is referred to as the “C-shapes” because it closely resembles the letter C. What’s worth noting is that you can have your manufacturer customize the section designation based on your requirement as well. In the industry of steel building construction, secondary elements such as grits (i.e., wall) and purlins (i.e., roof) are normally cold-formed steel C, U or Z sections. 

Features of CZ Purlin Roll Forming Machine

CZ purlin roll forming machines always incorporate the duplex roll forming mills. CZ purlin machines are typically driven by gearboxes, which consist of a feeding and leveling device, a decoiler, a punching system, a pre-shear, a roll forming system, hydraulic post cutting, a run out table, a hydraulic station and a PLC system.

The dimension of the CZ purlin roll forming machine is easily changeable, for instance, the leg length and web height of “C-shape” purlins, also known as the “H” and “L” of “C-shapes”. If both the dimensions of the web height and leg length are to be changed, two free-standing adjustable duplex mills can be combined with the “H” and “L” marked respectively using a common drive. To illustrate, changing the width in the first mill will alter the “L” which is the leg length, and changing the dimension of the second mill will alter the “H” which is the web height. CZ purlin roll forming machines are normally capable of forming C-shapes and Z-shapes purlins measuring 80-450 mm, as well as the thickness of up to 5 mm. 

Furthermore, some of the key features of the CZ purlin roll forming machines include easy and dimension changing thanks to the linear guideway assembly, long production line, the ability to produce standard products with superb strength, no open mouth on final products, and quick interchangeability between C-shapes and Z-shapes – typically within 5 to 15 minutes and 3 steps. 

As opposed to the standard roll forming machines, a CZ roll forming machines can change size automatically, and are both labor saving and time saving, which in turn improve the production efficiency of the designated production. A CZ roll forming machine does not require highly skilled operators as it is easy to operate, stable and have good precision. In larger scaled steel construction, the roll forming machine model with larger web size models are more frequently used. 

Applications of CZ Purlin Roll Forming Machines

As mentioned previously, CZ roll forming machines are mostly used for steel construction projects, and this covers a wide range of industries such as the aviation industry where a CZ roll forming machine would be used to make stiffeners for fuselage, seat rails and many other components of an aircraft. CZ roll forming machines can also be used in automotive industries where many parts are made of steel. Some of these parts include the seat rails of a vehicle, car door frames, trims, heat exchanger radiator tubes, exhaust pipes, crash tubes and bumper reinforcement. 

Furthermore, CZ purlin roll forming machines are most popular in the construction and building industry as aforementioned. Some of the key applications include purlin forming, hollow elevator guide rails, complete buildings, handrails, doors and windows, roof and decking, cable tray and ladders, and scaffoldings. Topping this, there are many improved models of the CZ purlin roll forming machines that are specifically designed to accommodate the construction requirement to ensure smooth and highly precision workflow. Combining the use of computer software, you can make the roll forming machine more intelligent. 

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