Steel Pipe Making Machine

What Is Steel Pipe Making Machine?

Steel pipe making machine is designed for forming the steel into straight welded pipes. Instead of calling the steel pipe making machine “a machine”, it is more likely a system of working station.

Pipes made by this working station can be used in various industries like metallurgy, construction, transportation, and machinery and vehicle manufacturing industries.

Moreover, the shape of the pipes could be round, triangle, square, or rectangle through the high frequency welding technology.

There might be machines that forms the pipe making machine:

● Double Decoiler Machine
The double decoiler machine is a machine to decoil the metal roll. This machine does not have motors that it is driven by the next machine in the working station.

● 3-Stage Roller Tube / Pipe Making machine
The steel pipe forming would start from this station.

The first step would be forming the shape of tubes. During this progress, you can decide which shape the pipes should be. Then, the tubes would be welded together, then finally be sized.

● Welding Seam Grinding Machine
This machine is used to grind welding seams when linking pipes.

● Auto Cutter Unit
During this step, the steel pipes would be cut into the required length.

● Electric Control System Equipment

● Forming Roller
The pipe would be adjusted again in this step.

● Auto Unloading Platform
The well-done steel pipes from the forming machine would be put on the unloading platform.

How to Make Steel Pipes?

There are few ways to make steel into pipes:

● Cold Rolled Forming
Cold rolled forming is a steel product forming technique that process metals under its recrystallization temperature, usually at room temperature.

Steel pipes made by this technique would be easier to be formed.

● Hot Rolled Forming
Hot rolled forming is a steel product forming technique that process metals above its recrystallization temperature.

Steel pipes formed by this technique would be harder than the cold rolled ones.

● Cold Drawn Forming
When using cold drawn forming technique, the steel tubes would be draw out from a little hole on the machine tool and formed at the room temperature. The finished product would be longer and thinner than the unformed raw material.

● Squeeze Forming
This technique is also called die casting that combines die casting and forging to create stronger metal alloys.

Products made by this technique would perform better on wearing and heating prevention. However, the manufacturing cost would be higher because of the better quality.

When forming steel pipes, the raw material would be hot rolled forming into steel rolls at the beginning. Then, the formed hot coils would be sent into tube mills to decoil.

Next, the forming section would take place to form the tubes. After that, the tubes would be welded, cooled, adjusted, then tested about pressure capacity. Finally, the well-done steel pipes would be sent into warehouse ready for delivery.

The detailed procedure of manufacturing steel pipes would be:

● Coiling
● Slitting
● Decoiling
● Butt Welding
● Lopping
● Forming a Roll
● High Frequency Induction Welding
● Putting into Cooling Box
● Sizing the Roll
● Straightening
● Sending into the Servomotor Cutting Machine
● Final Inspecting
After the procedure, they metal pipes would be packed and stored into warehouse, being ready to be delivered.

Application of Steel Pipes

Since the steel pipes are strong and have long lifespan, they are mainly used in construction and transportation industries.

The common use of them are below:

● Pipes underground
Water pipe, gas pipe, and even pipes for wastes are made of steel pipes.

● Protecting electrical wires in the buildings
Inside the buildings, there must be lots of wires to keep them working. However, these wires need to be protected for security purpose. Thus, there are usually steel pipes wrapping the wires and keep them away from water or other elements that might cause safety problems.

● Body parts of vehicles, bikes, trucks, or public transportations
As same as the previous two, body parts of transportations should be strong enough to protect the drivers and passengers. Therefore, plates or tubes made of steel would be a good choice.

● Heating and plumbing systems
Heating systems are powered by electricity. However, at the same time they would produce heat, steam, and water that might bring unexpected outcomes when combing with electricity.

On the other hand, plumbing systems needs to carry and transport lots of water, therefore, durability would be a priority to consider.

Among all the metals, the steel would be the best, therefore, steel pipes are often used in plumbing systems.

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