Stainless Steel Tube Forming Machine

Metal tube forming is also referred to as metal tube bending. It is essentially a process to create curves on metal tubing or piping. As technology progresses, the metal tube forming process has become as easy as feeding the tubular metal work pieces into the metal tube forming machine and the well-bent metal tubing is hence created. There is a wide variety of metal tube forming machines on the market. Regardless of the designs and features the machines have in common or differ from each other, the basic concept is identical. Based on the result or the material a forming machine processes, there are frame forming machines, sheet metal forming machines, stainless steel tube forming machines and more.

Stainless Steel Tube Forming

A stainless steel tube forming machine is used to bend tubes or pipes that are made of stainless steel. Though the manually operated stainless steel tube forming machines are still widely implemented in multiple industrial fields, it is usually the automated console style metal forming machines that come into one’s mind first when it comes to a stainless steel tube forming machine. A machine as such is used in mass production settings to manufacture a large batch of components in a short given time. With a stainless steel tube forming machine, stainless steel products such as furniture frames, support legs, work stands, guards, or handrails, etc can be made.

Applications of Stainless Steel Tube Forming Machine

The metal tube forming process is so versatile and applicable that a great number of industries rely on the tube bending and forming technique to manufacture components or parts. Generally speaking, the tube bending process is involved in fields such as automotive, agriculture, furniture frame making, outdoor equipment, bars & cages making, in-plant shipping and more.

In the automotive industry, the stainless steel tube forming can be used to make seat frames, headrest & armrest frames, steering wheel rings, and instrument tubes. The manufacturing of almost every single piece of car interior equipment involves the application of stainless steel tube forming. It goes the same in the furniture and general appliance industry. The chair frames, door frames, table bases, furniture legs, office partition components and all are produced with a stainless steel tube forming machine.

It is fair to say that metal tube forming processes are necessary so as to build the material world human beings live in. The steel tubes and steel pipes are everywhere in our daily life. It may sometimes come to one’s mind that how these products are made and brought to our life. Well the answer is actually not too complicated. They are all made by similar metal forming machines and the working principles simple to acquire.

Metal Tube Forming Working Principles

To put it straightforward, a metal tube forming process starts with loading the steel tubes or steel pipes into a tube forming machine. The tube forming machine is sometimes referred to as a pipe bender or tube bender based on the material the machine processes. In the forming machine, the tubes are clamped between dies. The bends or curves are made by means of forcing the tubular work pieces through a group of roller dies so that they are deformed and reshaped.

Steel Tube Loading

This is the very beginning of a steel tube forming process where a full length metal tube is loaded into the tube bender. The loading, or say feeding, of the tubular materials can be done manually by operators or it can be done by an automated tube feeder. Besides, in addition to processing the full length metal tubes, the tube bender can also process the pre-cut metal tubes according to the application.

Steel Tube Bending

This is where the actual tube bending process takes place. In general, a metal tube forming process is usually a cold forming process which is performed at room temperature. To be specific, cold forming refers to the deformation of metals that occur below their re-crystallization. The key elements to achieve such a process are pressure, time and the ductility of the metal work pieces.

Stainless steel has high tensile strength and easy formability and fabrication; therefore, it is suitable for cold forming processes. The high tensile strength prevents the material from breaking apart during bending. The easy formability makes it easy to reshape stainless steel. When a stainless steel tube is forced through the forming dies, it deforms into the desired configuration accordingly.

Steel Tube Shearing

If it is a full length stainless steel tube that is processed, the tube shearing process is required after bending. This process is where the bent tube is cut into a predetermined length for the end application. The cutting process is not necessary if the steel tubes are cut in advance before they are bent.

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