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Straightening of steel pipes is an important process in the production of straight seam steel pipes. Especially for oil casings, oil and gas pipelines with high quality requirements, and special pipes for mechanical equipment. These kinds of steel pipes not only have strict requirements on steel grade and weld quality, but also have high requirements on straightness. This is because the deviation of straightness is directly related to the subsequent processing, connection, and distortion of the pipe during use.
Straighten machine is used as auxiliary equipment commonly used in forming machinery production lines. Compared with metal forming, milling, turning, drilling, grinding and other similar processes are all based on cutting, which is different from the working basis of forming.


Sheet level machine and straighten machine can straighten or leveling steel sheet, plate, steel coil, wire mesh and other metal materials. The material can be mild steel, iron, SS plate and other metal plates. After straightening, the lamella wave will disappear, the lamella will be flattened, and the flat steel plate surface can increase the product value. In the market, due to structural limitations, ordinary straighten machine can straighten and level to a certain range, which are about 800 mm in maximum thickness and 5000 mm in maximum width. If industrial users want a larger or wider range of work piece processing, there will usually be customized items for further discussion.

Tee forming

Tee forming is a process specially used for pipes and pipe assembly. For tightening, fittings or adapters are used in the piping system to connect the straight sections of the piping, making them different sizes or shapes, and for their specific purposes such as regulating the flow of liquid. These accessories are used in pipeline engineering, connected piping systems, and to control the delivery of liquids such as water, gas, or waste liquids in homes and business sites.

This configuration requires a lot of resources to construct, such as manpower, money, time, materials and tools. Tee is the most common form of pipe fittings in various environments. T-shaped pieces are used to combine or distribute liquid flow, so that the liquid flows in a specific direction.

Bending mechanism

In the field of metal forming industry, pipe bending machine is one of the main production equipment, and it is highly specialized and customized. Taiwanese manufacturers provide a variety of pipe bending machines, such as NC tube and pipe bender, general-purpose tube and pipe benders, tube and pipe rolling bending machines, twin-head double bending machines, tube and pipe end forming machines, etc.

The wire forming machine is a machine for forming metal wires by various mechanical methods. One of the most cost-effective methods is wire drawing, which is similar to, but not identical to, the drawing process of pipes. Applications include the furniture industry, automotive industry, sanitary equipment, and fitness facilities.

Tube making is also one of the common metal forming techniques. We usually use the drawing method to make metal materials into tube shape products. The tube is drawn by reducing the large diameter tube to a smaller tube. This process can produce pipes with precise dimensions, good surface finish and high strength. This method can be used for a variety of metal materials. The tube drawing method is suitable for large-scale and also small-scale production, so it provides the best cost performance for tube manufacturers.


Straighten machine is usually integrated with feeders. It can be used to pull the strip directly from the de-coiler slack loop into the press or to cutoff the operations. Some feed straightners are designed and developed to straighten and remove the coil group from the coil, and can be integrated into various coil feeding applications in many industrial fields. Conventionally, straightners can be used in non-powered pull applications, or used in adapted with a variety of power feeders to suit various design functions, and are therefore versatile for industrial users. In regard to the purchase options, there are many available choices, such as in-feed and out-feed tables and guides, cascade rolls, frames, and various drives, programmable feed controls, loop arms, photo loop controls, sonic loop controls, etc.

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