Straight Line Wire Drawing Machine

The wire

The metals are one of the most versatile substance in this world. People can see a lots of products produced by the metals, such as the car, the airplane, the structure of the building, and a lot of daily necessities. But the metals can also be in good used for the field of electricity. The metals are a very good conduit for the transferring of the electricity. But in order to transfer the electricity, we have to first stretch the metals into wires. The wire is a long and flexible metal thread. It can be put in the electrical cable to help transfer the electricity. But how can we turn the metals into wires? Fortunately, the straight line wire drawing machine can help us do the work. 

Wire drawing

The process of turning the thick metals into the wires is called the wire drawing. The process of the wire drawing can be used in a lot of field, including electrical wiring, cables, springs, paper clips, spokes for wheels, and stringed musical instruments. The process of the wire drawing is not that hard to understand. It begins with the wire being placed at the machine on a spool. And then the end of the wire is cut so it can be fed into the machine. Inside the machine, there are a series of dies. When the wires go through these dies, it’s diameter start to decrease. In the end at the cross sectional area, there is a coiler to help the finished products pack as a coil of is also very important for the process of wire drawing to maintain a constant speed while feeding the metals through the dies. The temperature of the process is also desirable to not be too high. When these two requirements are met, the process can go smoothly and successfully. 

Wire drawing machine

Now that we know how the process of wire drawing goes, we can ten discuss the wire drawing machine. The wire drawing machine is a device which is used to manufacture the wires. When it comes to the processing of the steel wire and the metallic mesh, the wire drawing machine has proven to be indispensable. There are six main parts of the wire drawing machine, and each of them is designed to perform the different function. For example, there is a part in the wire drawing machine called the calamine stripping machine. It’s main purpose is to removes the calamine so that the process of wire drawing can be smooth and effective. Then there is also a wire sharpening machine. It is designed to sharpen the tip of the wire to obtain a pointed shape. This way, the wire can be easily feed into the drawing machine. The third to come is the wire drawing machine, it is the biggest and main machine in the whole system. It’s main function is to take in the sharpened wire and start to reduce the diameter of the wire little by little. In this process, the wire will enter the first drawing die, then it is pulled and directed to the next drawing step until the desired diameter is achieved. The is also a grafiling machine which allows the grafiling to be carried out on the drawn wire. The last two parts of the components are the PLC and the wire joining welding machine. 

Advantages of Straight line wire drawing machine

The straight line wire drawing machine does not have any torsion and the phenomenon of bending throughout the whole process of production. Owing to this traits, when processing, the steel wire has a relatively low hardening rate. Besides, the wires which are processed by the straight line wire drawing machine are also very tough and stable. The straight line wire drawing machine is also very efficient and cost effective. The aspects of material power consumption, the finished product rate, the qualification rate and the production efficiency are all calculated before the production. Beside from these, the straight line wire drawing machine also has the advantages of having relatively tight structure, utilizing smaller floor space, having high drawing density, and it will show no twisting during the drawing process.

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