Wire Straightening and Cutting Machine

What is Wire Straightening and Cutting Machine?

As the name implied, the wire straightening and cutting machines are designed for straightening and accurately cutting the wires at a high speed. The length cut tolerance can be controlled within ± 0.007". The wire straightening and cutting machine is extremely efficient for high precision wire cutting, two steps of work can conveniently complete in one automatic production line. The wire straightening and cutting machines require no pneumatic air to run the system, which is very simple and can save the energy.

The straightener in the wire straightening and cutting machines can eliminate the irregularities and bends from the coil of the processed wires. The effective function can ensure the wire is straight and free from defects. Driving by digital servo motors, the automatic process eliminates the need of extra manpower, which saves time and personnel cost, ensuring the high accuracy.

How Does Wire Straightening and Cutting Machine Work?

Wire straightening & cutting machines allow high speed production of cut and straightened wires. With the driving of the feed wheels, which are the dual spinners, the wires are carried and fed to cut by the high-speed flying shear. Fixed cut length is set and programmed into the PLC. The measuring system which is equipped with an encoder can provide precise actual length of the finished wires.
After the wires are straightened and cut, they will leave the runout and subsequently drop to the collection unit which is installed at the floor. The finished wires will be in small bundles and aligned by the pneumatic end plate.

Basic Structure of Wire Straightening and Cutting Machine

The essential components in a wire straightening and cutting machine include a servo cutter, a controlled feed and spinner, a unique runout, collector.

● Straightener and Feed Wheels: Feed wheel is the dual spinner assemblies which provide stable feeding of the wires, which is paired as standard. The wires will then be straightened by the straightener and prepare to be cut in the next position. The spinning roller and feeding speed will be controlled by an independent controller in order to optimize the straightness and running speed.

● Servo cutter: A servo cutter, mostly a flying shear technology is utilized in wire straightening and cutting machines. The shear with flying shear software is designed to provide flush, square end cutting at full operating speed. This servo cutter is generally mounted on the carriage and moves parallel to the wire flow. Sometimes it can also move at an angle across the flow. The drive is responsible for accelerating the carriage in order to synchronize with the line speed. In the process, the shear can be activated and start the cutting. After the action, the carriage will be decelerated and moved back to original position, preparing for the next cut. The servo cutters are mechanically connected to the runout, and the running speed can be up to 590 feet per minute (180 meters per minute).

● Collector: The cut and straightened wires will be collected with the vibrating floor mounted collector that is mounted at the floor. 

Cutting Method of Wire: EDM

An EDM, which refers to a traditional electrical discharge machine that cut the conductive metal pieces by creating spark erosion between the work pieces and an electronically charged copper electrode. The electrode will be utilized as the cutter in the wire cutting process. In order to let the electrode precisely aligned on the targets, the work bed moves on two axes. Once complete the adjustment and check the position of the electrode, the electrical discharge machine will lower the electrode toward the workpiece. Since the copper electrode has electrically charged, the difference in electric charge between the wires and electrode will allow the current jump and create sparks. Subsequently, the sparks can burn the materials, and the electrode can travel deeper into the wires. Electrical discharge devices that are used for wire cutting require no force or any physical contact between the wires and the electrode. Generally, the wire cutting machines are made of hardened steels, alloy steels, titanium and carbides. This technology using the electrode can provide high precision cutting work and excellent surface finishes. It is only used for conductive metals, which is suitable for wire cutting. Used in the heavy industries, aerospace industry or other applications that require highly accurate, robust parts, the tolerance can be low to sub-micron. The tighter the tolerance the manufacturer requires, the longer the processing will be

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