Twin Head Double Column Surface Grinder

Double spindle or twin spindle is a way to accelerate the cutting speed faster. Twin heads (tooling heads) design in a double column machine is a feature that attracts buyers because of its excellent processing flexibility. The performance of the twin heads double column machine is better than single head machine among all standard processing equipment. It is one of the common and popular rigid reinforcement structures in the machine tool field, which can enhance its working performance and cutting quality in a better extent.

For the metalworking industry, grinding is considered to be an abrasive cutting method that deals with the final step. Twin heads double column surface grinder is one of the most commonly used models in short cycle manufacturing. In the entire finishing process, there are many varieties, but after forming, milling and other complex machining processes, many workpieces will enter this step for further finishing procedures in the production line. Twin heads surface grinding can be carried out by single column or double column surface grinders and is used to produce smooth finish surfaces on flat surfaces or other specific surfaces. However, there are many types of grinders, such as cylindrical, internal, centerless. Surface grinding is one of the most common grinding operations in the market since the beginning of history, and now among the various grinding operation missions. In addition, the physical structure of the double head is also integrated with the control system. The mechanical structure of an abrasive wheel, a work piece holding device, and a reciprocating table, so during processing, the fixtures will fix the material being processed.

Twin Head Double Column Surface Grinder

Aside from mechanical considerations, programming controlled cutting of grinding machines is also important because it can manage the entire process, which uses rotational abrasive wheels to finish the surface of metallic or non-metallic materials. These were delivered an advanced refined physical quality by removing the layer and impurities on the work piece surfaces by the computer numerical control mechanism. The CNC system is driven by a digital system. The double head works as the basic structure of the tool system installation under the support of two columns (movable or fixed). The grinding process of a twin head double column surface grinder can be programmed to obtain the desired finish surface.

Ensure the Work Pieces

Like all other machine tools, such as lathes and milling machines, the clamping mechanism can be completed in a variety of ways. For example, the first one used for grinding machines is for ferromagnetic parts, where they are fixed in place by magnetic chucks, while for non-ferromagnetic and non-metallic parts, they are fixed in place by vacuum or mechanical ways. Regardless of the clamping mechanism used, the clamping mechanism is critical to the grinding process because only the stern positioning and clamping mechanism can be used to accurately complete the work under precise standards.

Moreover, there are other important grinding parameters that will also affect the grinding accuracy of twin head double column grinder. In addition to the conventional hardware and control systems that affect surface grinding, there are the most critical factors are the material of the grinding wheel and the workpiece. These two are the contact parts, and the workpiece is the final result that can check the entire grinding machine. The twin head is where the grinding wheel is installed on a double column surface grinder, and the material is the top priority of the grinding process. Among many material choices, some of them are more stable and will not adhere to the grinding wheel during processing, while others have different physical properties that will cause corrosion and are not suitable for further applications. As far as the shape of the grinding wheel is concerned, the shape is not limited to a specific shape, but may be a different type of shape.

Work Hard and Smart

Industrial users of twin head double column surface grinder must know how to work intelligently to achieve market profit in the era of intelligent manufacturing. Since the order requirements are different from the past, many regions of the world have encountered serious economic crises due to the situation. With the help of intelligent technology, twin head double column surface grinder users can better understand their machinery and their corresponding data, and make full use of hardware and inventory.

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