CNC Roll Grinder

In the field of abrasive cutting, modern grinding machines are defined as power tools or machine tools for grinding processes. This is a common type of processing, which utilizes with one or more grinding wheels as a cutting tool for machining. The grinding wheel cuts small chip from the workpiece by the shear deformation method. There is a huge number of grinding machine inventories. Regarding the grinder inventory, there are belt grinder, bench grinder, cylindrical grinder, surface grinder, tool & cutter grinder, jig grinder, gear grinder, die grinder, angle grinder, and roll grinder and CNC roll grinders, etc.

Roll Grinding without Center Design

Specifically speaking, although roll grinding and cylindrical grinding are almost the same in most processing details, there are some critical differences between the two categories. The CNC roll grinding machine was developed specifically for certain tasks, which usually require machines for heavy work. Compared with plain cylindrical grinders, CNC roll grinding machine models are larger in size, heavier and stronger. These machines are usually not prepared for tapered works and tasks. Generally, rolls are used in many industrial fields to process products, for paper, paint, steel, textiles and rubber materials. The length of the roll varies from a few centimeters up to six meters or even longer, and over the entire length, a highly finished surface is required.

These rollers give the sheet metal workpiece a high finish, which can be achieved without polishing or further buffing. If the roll is designed for cold forming metal, the huge pressure between the workpiece and the roll will cause the roll to spring apart at the center. Once this happens, if a roll with a completely uniform diameter is used for this purpose, the thickness of the rolled metal at the center will become thicker and the thickness of the edges will become thinner. Therefore, it is necessary to carefully calculate the ideal and correct curve of the roller surface. In addition, when it comes to roll grinding, the surface with crown or convexity should be used for processing to improve accuracy. Generally, roller grinders have measures to rotate the rollers on their own bearings. Also, they may rotate on the tailstock and headstock centers.

Grinding Operation

The operating system of the roll grinder is equipped with a humanized operation panel, which can ensure accurate display of grinding movement. The friendly human machine interface not only ensures accurate precision operation, but also provides great convenience for users in the manufacturing sites of many different conditions. With modern programming technology, grinder operators nowadays only need to call the corresponding cutting program from the machine's memory, and the machine will process with appropriate movements.

Meanwhile, there are still many small size grinders. Whether it is a surface grinder or a cylindrical grinder, operating systems based on manual or NC are still used. In fact, not all grinding machines like CNC systems need to be controlled in this accuracy model. Many market demands only hope that the final result is acceptable and the number of workpieces is not large, so there is no need to adopt large-scale production grinding mode. In this case, the result of manual operation of the surface resolution that can easily achieve grinding work is also good for the end user.

In Search of an Ideal Roll Grinder

With CNC-based roll grinding becoming the mainstream model for roller grinders, there are still many types of grinding machines that are controlled by other less modern methods. This fact tells us that industrial users first need to understand their own processing needs from the beginning, rather than looking for the best machine model. Only with more knowledge, manufacturers can find the grinder that is most suitable for their industrial applications. Roll grinding is quite complex and difficult to be fully managed by onsite operators, so how to train a group of roll grinder operators is a big issue for manufacturers in the entire industry.

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