Rotary Surface Grinder

During the machining process, it is strongly recommended to use a rotary surface grinder equipped with a magnetic chuck. Due to the large contact area between the grinding wheel and the work piece surface, compared with the traditional surface grinder, the vertical rotary surface grinder can provide higher efficiency. The rigid structure and high grinding power of the rotary surface grinder enable large and fast cutting of large castings and work pieces. Compared with ordinary surface grinders, the productivity is higher.

Surface grinding is used to create a smooth effect on a flat surface. It is a widely used abrasive processing technology, through which the grinding wheel is covered with rough particles that cut off fragments of metallic or non-metallic materials from the work piece to form a fine and smooth surface.

Rotary surface grinders can be divided into two types according to their structural design, one is horizontal rotary surface grinders and the other one is vertical rotary surface grinders. The main benefit of vertical rotary surface grinders is the high cutting speed of magnetic and non-magnetic work pieces. When a large amount of material needs to be removed quickly, vertical rotary surface grinding is more effective than other methods due to its much higher horsepower.

Surface Grinding

Roll grinding, cylindrical grinding, and inner diameter grinding in metal grinding processing belong to the same type of grinding method from a certain perspective. The surface grinding and rotary surface grinding are different from them, the head of the surface grinder is lowered to a work piece, and the work piece moves back and forth under the grinding wheel on the worktable. The worktable usually has a controllable permanent magnet as a magnetic chuck, used to hold magnetic materials, and a vacuum chuck or other holding device can also be used. The most common surface grinder has a grinding wheel that rotates along a horizontal axis, and the grinding wheel grinds with its circumference.

Rotary surface grinders are often referred to as "Blanchard" type grinders, which have a grinding head that rotates the grinding wheel on an axis perpendicular to the end face of the grinding head, while the worktable rotates the work piece in the opposite direction. Rotary surface grinders can remove a lot of material and grind on a plane with obvious spiral grinding marks. Rotary surface grinders can also be used to make and sharpen metal stamping dies and flat shear blades. Moreover, rotary surface grinders are available for manually or CNC operations.

Using CNC control system, the programmed grinding of rotary surface grinders will be more stable. But the system must be able to be customized according to the user's work habits in order to maximize its effectiveness. There are many self-developed grinder controllers around the world. Users of rotary surface grinders need to learn how to manage the system before they can use it to control the grinding process. Otherwise, the operation will not be easy.

Enhanced Grinding

In order to improve the grinding capacity of rotary surface grinders, the column type structure helps to enhance the grinding rigidity. For heavy duty abrasive cutting in the field of metal processing, column type grinders are one of the most critical machines in the entire finishing process. After such processes as stamping, cutting and other complex machining, many rough work pieces will go to this surface treatment step to complete the finishing.

In processing of heavy duty rotary surface grinders, smooth effects can be created on work piece surfaces. It is a widely used abrasive processing technology. The grinding wheel is covered with rough particles. The rough particles cut off fragments of metal or non-metal materials from the work piece, so that the surface of the work piece becomes fine.

There are many types of grinding machines such as cylindrical grinders, inner diameter grinders, centerless grinders, rotary surface grinders, and so on. From the very beginning, surface grinding has been one of the most common grinding methods in metal processing, and it is still widely used until now. Although the range of application of the heavy duty column surface grinder is relatively limited, it is very practical for certain industrial fields.


All in all, there are many ways to achieve this goal in order to obtain more stable surface grinding quality. Business owners need to choose the best rotary surface grinders solution according to their processing conditions. Grinding is not only an industrial process, but also an art, through which it is enough to show the working ability of operators and machines.

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