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The significance of a saw blade grinder

A saw blade grinder, also known as a saw blade grinding machine, or a saw blade sharpener, is a blade sharpening machine. The saw blade grinder is especially used for grinding on the teeth around the edges of circular saw blades. By removing burrs left on the teeth during machining process, this machine ensures optimal function of the blades and smooth operation of the entire sawing machine.

Sawing machines are very popular in the metal and wood processing industry due to their easy-to-use and convenient nature. Cutting tools on sawing machines are the saw blades, which come in different shapes depending on the need of applications. The similarity between saw blades and other cutting tools is that they need to be sharpened after use. 

However, this is not a general rule for every cutting tool. For all contact-based machining processes, cutting tools wear-out is a common issue. In other cases, this doesn’t make a problem for cutting tools such as laser cutters or other non-contact mechanism. Here we will especially focus on the grinding process for the cutting blades on sawing machines.

There are two main types of sawing machines, band saws and circular saws, and both are the beneficiaries of grinding process. In other words, band saws and circular saws are blade users who require sharpen the blades after use for a period. Instead of using a saw belt, the circular sawing machines apply a circular saw blade to perform the sawing procedure. 

With constant contact between the circular saw blades and workpieces, the wear-out of tools is relatively more obvious on circular saws, which makes a saw blade grinder necessary for them. Besides sawing, cutting systems for turning, milling, or boring also require regular tool grinding process, so that a tool and cutter grinder is a must-have device for them. 

Applications for saw blade grinders

Circular saw blades are toothed abrasive discs or blades that cut workpieces through a rotary motion around the blade axis. On the circular saw blades, the configuration and density of teeth determine the cutting speed and the finishes they create. No matter how the teeth on the circular saw blade are formed, after use, they would become dull and not as useful as before. Therefore, the saw blade grinder was invented to promise the durability of the circular saw blades. On the saw blade grinder, the special design of the work holding device secures the circular saw blade firmly. As the spinning grinding wheel comes in contact with the blade and the abrasive materials on the wheel are removed, it accomplishes the sharpening process. 

Technically, no tools can permanently maintain its sharpness unless it is a non-contact device. Instead, they should receive grinding and recalibrating processes after applying the tool unit. In other cases, the blades on the band saws also require a blade grinding machine for the sake of smooth operations. Unlike the circular shape of the blades on circular saws, the blades on band saws are toothed long strips. The strips are wrapped as a belt around the wheels, and they divide large workpieces by cutting with the teeth. 

In fact, the advantages of band saws including the uniform cutting movement due to distributed tooth loads, and the ability to cut irregular or curved shapes like jig saws. In addition, the minimum radius of the curve is determined by the width of the saw band and the curve. Thus, the blades must be ground in a uniform and precise manner to prevent premature damage to the band saws

In short, the saw blade grinder is a must-have device in the sawing machine industry. No matter what kind of sawing machine there is and how the blades are shaped, they have to be ground after use. In this way, the grinder can maximize the sharpness of the blades and minimize the possibility in shortening of the machine life.

The promise of quality finishes

The various kinds of grinders ensure the optimal quality of the workpieces by means of sanding or deburring. Sanding is the traditional way of providing smooth surfaces on the cutting tools. Deburring refers to the removal of the raised edges or small pieces of materials that remain on the workpieces after trimming. 

When concentrating on the grinding of saw blades, this type of grinder promises not only the quality finishes but also the durability of the tools. If profile grinding is not performed professionally, problematic scratches and grooves would be formed. Besides, excessive chip evacuation may results in the difficulty in tooth grooving, which is a problem that must be solved. This is not ideal for the performance of the tools. Therefore, the mechanism for removing those unwanted edges is very important. It is usually an unwanted piece of materials, and is removed with a deburring tool at first and later by the machine in a process called deburring process.

All in all, the grinding of the tool system is very important, since it helps extend the durable time of the blades and reduce the costs regarding the maintenance and repair. In other words, a good saw blade grinder can help business owners control expenses while maintaining the quality of work.

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