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Tool cutter and tool cutter grinder are two pieces of mandatory equipment that a factory shall always prepare for the great convenience inside their plants. For the metal processing to be carried out, all the tooling units such as tool cutter must be processed well with tool cutter grinders, because the metal burrs on the tool will affect the performance of the formed work pieces. Therefore, the mechanism to remove those unwanted edges is considered very important. For manufacturers, how to deal with tooling system such as tool cutter is an in-plant operation that needs to be taken seriously. Tool cutter grinders are designed for this purpose as grinding is a common in-plant operation in the metalworking industry.

In the metal processing industry, there are two main types of sawing machines. Both types of sawing machines need to use tool cutter grinders to grind their tool cutters so that the cutter grinding of saw blades can be well processed. Band sawing machine and circular sawing machines are both saw blade users, and they need to grind their saw blades through tool cutter grinding process after a certain period of sawing. This process should not be mistaken for cutter grinding tool, but cutter grinders are devices used for tool and cutter grinding.

Unlike band sawing machine, circular sawing machine uses a circular tool to perform the sawing procedure, instead of realizing the cutting mechanism through sawing bands, which leads to machining features that are different from the band sawing. The tool cutter grinder for the circular saws is designed with different specifications.

Conventional Viewpoint

Cutter grinders vary by type. Regarding the CNC grinding of sawing blades, the process of circular and band sawing blades may be slightly different. Circular sawing machine is a kind of power saw, it uses toothed or abrasive disc set or blade to cut different materials by spinning around an arbor, so that tool cutter grinders can process cutting tools well, or here saw. Similarly, hole saws and ring saws also use rotary motion, but they are different from circular saws in terms of the concept of cutter grinding.

In order to be precise about the purpose of the cutter grinders, CNC circular sawing machines can also be loosely used for the blade itself. Circular saws were invented in the late 18th century. With the growth of agriculture in various states at that time, by the middle of the 19th century, circular saws had been widely used in sawmills in the United States. Therefore, the corresponding tool cutter grinder was invented. The existence of cutter grinding tools is very important for tool cutter grinding in the machining process, so it may also appear at the same time.

Technically speaking, unless a laser cutter or other non-contact cutting equipment is used, any tool cannot maintain its sharpness without further sharpening with the help of tool cutter grinders, and needs to be recalibrated after a period of use. That is, in all relevant working environments, cutter grinders for tool grinding is used to assist milling, turning, drilling, boring and sawing work. These processing equipments are in great need of tool and cutter grinding. In the last part, band sawing is the focus of this article.

Regarding the CNC grinding of band saws, that is, the process of the tool and cutter grinding, the band saw blade is very long. A band saw is a power saw with a long and sharp saw blade composed of a continuous toothed metal belt stretched between gears to cut the material of the work piece. There are many types of cutter grinders. Band saws are especially used for metalworking, woodworking, and lumbering, but they can also be used to cut various other materials and work pieces.

The advantages of band saws include uniform cutting movement due to evenly distributed tooth loads, and the ability to cut irregular or curved shapes like a jig saw. The minimum radius of the curve is determined by the width of the saw band and the curve. Most band saws have two wheels rotating on the same plane, one of which is powered. In addition, some can distribute three or four loads to improve distribution of the machine. These points should be paid attention to when choosing cutter grinders for band saw tool and cutter grinding.  

Working Versatility

In addition to sawing tools, small tool and cutter grinders are also applied to grind turning tools, milling tools, drilling tools, and many other machining cutters just like the case of sawing machines. Onsite users need to carefully observe their cutting tools and cutters of their CNC machines in order to know when they need to be unloaded and had proper maintenance or grinding by tool cutter grinder to maintain processing quality of turning, milling, boring, drilling, sawing and other type working.

The design features of small tool and tool cutter grinders are different from each other. This is because many processing tools of CNC machines are designed for customization, and the processing of these tools needs to be properly completed with greater machine flexibility. Based on this, the versatility of the machine becomes very important, otherwise, factory owners will often need to replace their cutter grinding systems, which will bring additional costs.

This is an issue about how to make CNC tool cutter grinders versatile, while maintaining good tool-oriented processes of tool and cutter grinding and cutter grinding tool. Therefore, suppliers of tooling and cutter grinders need to work with their customers to learn more about work field applications and try to make the most of their products for customers in various industries.

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