Surface Rotary Grinding Machines

With an electromagnetic chuck as a normal accessory, surface rotary grinding machine is a highly recommended model for precision grinding. In the metal working industry, vertical surface rotary grinding machine can provide high efficiency compared to conventional surface grinders due to the significant amount of grinding wheel which is in contact with the surface area of the work piece. The extremely rugged construction of the objects and high grinding power allow for heavy and rapid stock removal for large castings and plates of the work pieces, rendering great productivity compared with ordinary surface grinding machines.

The process of surface grinding is used to produce a smooth finished surface on either flat or other specific surfaces. It is a widely used but conventional abrasive machining process by which a spinning wheel is covered in rough particles that cut chips of metallic or nonmetallic substances from a work piece, rendering a flat or smooth face. Meanwhile, the main benefit of vertical rotary grinding is heavy stock removal rates for all magnetic and non-magnetic materials. When a substantial amount of material needs to be removed quickly and efficiently, vertical rotary grinding is more effective than other ways because of the significantly greater horsepower designed.

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Surface Rotary Grinding Machines


Surface Rotary Grinding Machines

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