5 Axis Lathe

5 axis lathes are CNC lathes with 5 axis machining capacity. In the field of turning machines, the term "5-axis" refers to the number of directions in which the cutting tool can move for machining. Generally, on a 5 axis machining center, the cutting tool moves on the X, Y, and Z linear axes, and rotates on the A and B axes to approach the target work piece from any direction. Once this technology is applied to turning machines, it is called a 5 axis CNC lathe machine.

Generally, five axis CNC lathe machines are of mill turn capacity, and a turn mill lathe itself is also called a turning machine. It is a machine tool that rotates a work piece on the X axis machining to perform various operations, including cutting, knurling, facing, turning, and other axis machining. These machining processes are carried out by using a tool connected with spindles, which is applied to the work piece and creates an object symmetrical with symmetry axis machining which is driven by the primary or major spindle component units. A Multi axis CNC center also contains many spindles sometimes.

Additional Turning Accessories for Axis Machining

In addition, among all important lathe accessories, the power turret rather than spindle is a modern customized accessory for many multi axis CNC mill turn centers, and as one of the most important accessories for users of multi axis CNC lathes. Taiwanese suppliers focus on this business and have developed many excellent power turrets and power tools, which can meet the needs from users of multi axis CNC turning process as well as CNC multi axis machining.

With the help of power turrets, multi axis CNC lathe machine and multi axis CNC turning center can not only perform turning, but also milling and multi-task axis machining, which were previously only possible on multi axis CNC machining centers. In the assembly plant of multi axis CNC turning machinery, it is clear that the power turret is driven by single motor with servo function, which can ensure the best cutting effect and save the best energy consumption. At the same time, they can also provide great rigidity to the work piece during axis machining, thereby providing ideal cutting performance on turning and milling.

Power Turret and Other Axis Machining

In addition to the powerful power turret, tool magazines and automatic tool changers are also the best selling products of Taiwan's machine tool accessory suppliers because they are more cost-effective than global competitors. In fact, the tool magazine and automatic tool change system made in Taiwan can provide customers with the optimal tool to tool time based on cycle time engineering, and help manufacturers to meet customer needs closely and stably.

Many multiple CNC axis machining tasks need to process complex work piece curves and contours, single cutting tool cannot meet all machining requirements. The automatic tool mechanism built in the power turret can provide extra processing capacity for the turret. In addition, since the cutting tools of axis machining installed on the power turret are driven by an internal servo motor to rotate, the milling performance of these power tools is not lower than that of traditional machining centers.

Power turrets are usually equipped with tool magazines and automatic tool changers. These are the best selling products of Taiwan's machine tool accessory suppliers because they are more cost-effective than global competitors. In fact, Taiwan made tool magazine and automatic tool change system can provide customers with the optimal tool to tool time according to the planned cycle time engineering, and can help customers meet their machining needs.

Tool Magazines Help

As mentioned above, like other milling machines and CNC machining centers, turning lathes can also be equipped with power tools and tool magazines to improve their functionality and versatility and provide users with greater processing possibilities. The machine tool is the most fundamental capital of the manufacturer and plays a vital role in determining the final output and quality. Therefore, the quality of the machine tool becomes the key to the production line of factory.

Machine tool inventory changes from time to time. After the invention of turn mill centre, mill turn center, machining centers and the programmed controlling system (CNC, computer numerical control), the standards for machining processes and results have become stricter than before.

Although the machine tool is not as versatile as the machining center, it is also powerful in processing various work pieces with complex methods, and can be used to process customized work pieces. Therefore, the accuracy requirements for machine tools are more stringent than ever. Consumers in the market demand better quality, faster speeds and shorter waiting times. This trend is a new challenge for manufacturers.

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