CNC Toolroom Lathe

By definition, a toolroom lathe is a lathe optimized for toolroom work. It is actually just the top of the line center lathe with all the best optional features, and cheaper models may omit these features, such as collets, taper attachments, and other additional units.
Regarding the bed of the toolroom lathe, it is usually wider than the bed of the standard center lathe, and has a certain meaning in selective assembly and extra fitting over the years. Be extra careful when building a toolroom lathe so that it can run smoothly and accurately.

Basic Ideas about Lathes

Like many other processing machines, lathe machines were initially operated manually. In the metal processing industry, a manual lathe is a manually controlled machine tool that rotates a work piece along a rotation axis to perform various processing operations, such as cutting, knurling, sanding, drilling, deformation, facing, and turning. These machining processes are carried out by the tool applied to the work piece to create an object symmetrical to the spindle, which is driven by the primary spindle.

Under normal circumstances, according to the way the work piece is clamped, lathe machines can be divided into two main types, namely vertical lathes and horizontal lathes. In a vertical lathe, the work piece is clamped vertically, and the cutting tools are installed in the same direction to perform vertical machining. Compared with horizontal lathes, the clamping in this way will be firmer due to the gravity effect. Manufacturers of vertical turning machines usually turn vertical turning machines into high-precision production equipment, suitable for use in the automotive industry, aerospace sector, sports equipment production, and other fields with larger work pieces.

In the vertical clamping mechanism of the lathe, the spindle is located behind the chuck. The spindle may be driven by belt, and some may be designed with other types of driving mechanisms.

Turning Machines Today

Although manual lathe machines are still highly popular in many industrial fields, computer driven lathe machines are as main trend as other milling machines and machining centers. The turning lathes can also be equipped with power tools and tool magazines to improve its functionality and versatility, thereby providing users with greater processing possibilities.

Power turret is a modern standard accessory for many CNC turning machines and one of the most important accessories for users of CNC lathes. Many lathe suppliers are committed to this business, and have developed excellent performance power turret and power tool series to support the needs of global lathe users. Many power turrets are driven by single servo motor, which can ensure the best processing results and save the best energy consumption. At the same time, they can also provide great rigidity to the work piece to achieve ideal cutting.

Supportive Means for Lathe Turning

The market for lathes and relative accessories has developed very well in many aspects, especially in the auxiliary accessories that speed up the processing. In addition to the power tool turret as a critical working accessory, the tool magazine and automatic tool changer are also the best selling products of machine tool accessory suppliers. The tool magazine and automatic tool change system made in Taiwan can provide the optimal tool to tool time according to the customer's cycle time engineering to help customers meet their order demands.

Compared with worldwide competitors, Taiwanese manufacturers know how to provide customers with comprehensive services based on local conditions, and upgrade their machine tools and accessories to the latest version to meet order requirements. Spindles, chucks and hydraulic cylinders are also well developed in the Taiwan market. Coupled with CNC turning machine, many lathe products and accessories are used in different industrial fields around the world. They can offer the toolroom lathes with the optimum quality with the reasonable prices to the customers worldwide.

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