Dual Spindle Lathe

In the subsidiary of turning center, a dual spindle CNC lathe, or say twin spindle CNC lathe, is also called a twin spindle turning machine. It is a machine tool that rotates a work piece on a rotating axis to perform various machining operations, such as cutting, knurling, sanding, drilling, deformation, facing, and turning. Although there is another spindle that can do the similar things, it has different purpose.

These machining processes are performed by tools applied to the work piece to create objects that are symmetrical to the axis driven by the spindle. Under normal circumstances, according to the way the work piece is clamped, turning machines can be divided into two main types, namely vertical lathe and horizontal lathe. In a vertical lathe, the work piece is clamped vertically, and the cutting tools are installed in the same direction to perform machining vertically.

In this way, compared with a horizontal lathe, the clamping of the mechanism will be firmer due to the gravity effect. Manufacturers of vertical turning machines usually extend their vertical turning machines as ideal processing equipment for various users to obtain higher precision. Because the dual spindle lathe is designed with twin spindles, it offers additional processing capacity, and double the work efficiency and productivity.

Assistance support

Power turrets, tool magazines and automatic tool changers (ATC) are the best-selling products of many machine tool accessory suppliers and are used in twin spindle lathes. The tool magazine and automatic tool change system can provide customers with the best tool change time according to cycle time engineering, so that processing manufacturers can meet various order requirements.

Compared with global competitors, Taiwanese suppliers have a better understanding of how to provide global customers with comprehensive services based on local conditions, and upgrade their equipped machine tools or accessories to the latest version to meet order requirements.

In addition, spindles, chucks, and hydraulic cylinders are also well developed in the Taiwanese accessories market. Together with CNC turning machine, a series of lathes and accessories have been widely used in different industrial fields all over the world.

The CNC horizontal lathe is a mature design, which has been developed and applied for more than a century. The horizontal feature makes the lathe easy to use and maintain. Its convenience and structure are more widely used in many industries. Therefore, for machine users, there is no absolute answer to the choice between a horizontal lathe or a vertical lathe.

Under normal circumstances, turning machines with twin spindles are not very common, but if we only consider turning machines with turrets here, the classification may be specific and clear. According to the way the work piece is clamped, they are divided into two main types, namely vertical lathes and horizontal lathes.

The clamping system and the power turret are two related accessories. In the vertical clamping mechanism, the spindles of the vertical turning lathes are located behind the chuck. The spindle may be belt driven, and some may be equipped with other types of driving mechanisms. Like other milling machines and machining centers, turning lathes can also be equipped with power tools and tool magazines to improve their functionality and versatility, thereby providing users with greater processing possibilities. The power turret is a modern standard accessory for CNC turning machines and one of the most important accessories for users of CNC lathes.

Working Together

Combined with automation, the dual spindle turning center is very efficient tools/ facilities for the production lines. Due to many practical issues, such as lack of manpower, rising wages, environmental pollution, professional standards, etc., automation is the future trend of almost all manufacturing plants in the world.

Nowadays, factory owners must deal with stricter standards than before and keep up with the latest manufacturing trends. Therefore, many people tend to choose automation instead of manual operation. However, this technology also needs to rely on the progress of other technologies. In fact, human workers are still very important. No matter how delicate these components and parts are the competitiveness of human wisdom and experience cannot be replaced by them.

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