Twin Turret Lathe

What is a twin turret lathe?

A twin turret lathe is a CNC turning center or a machining center, which is equipped with two turret units. Modern turning centers use turrets for advanced machining, thus makes them common components on lathe machines. In the early development of CNC turning center, one turret is enough for carrying multiple required cutting tools in sequence. However, the appearance of a twin turret lathe makes two times the efficiency of that on a single turret lathe machine.

Twin turret lathes are machine tools that rotate workpieces along the spindles on axes to perform various machining operations. The available techniques on the twin turret lathe include cutting, knurling, sanding, drilling, deformation, end machining and turning. As a result, to accomplish these achievements, the role of spindles is of significant importance. 

How the spindles are arranged determines the available configuration process of the twin turret lathe. In the categorization of lathe machines, if the spindles are arranged parallel to the working bed, they are called horizontal lathes. In contrast, the vertical lathes indicate that the spindles are mounted perpendicular to the working bed. The design of twin turret is available on both vertical and horizontal lathes, which refers to the interchangeable spindle mounting directions. 

The basic of tool turret

The tool turret is a tool holding device that is able to clamp multiple cutting tools at the same time. On the circular plate of the tool turret, there are several cartridge distributed around the edges, which are called stations. These stations provide space for the required tools, and allow them to be applied on the working site in sequence.

The invention of tool turret realizes the employment of live tooling under the mechanism of CNC system. Live tooling refers to the reduction of tool exchange time while using several tools for the machining process. This should rely on not only the maneuver of CNC system, but also the special design of the CNC turning center or machining center. On the one hand, CNC system helps achieve the automation of the machining process, which includes the tool exchange mechanism. On the other hand, the special lathe design enables more than one spindle to turn at the same time. 

The automation of mechanism and the spindle arrangement benefit a lot for the manufacturers. The reason is that the faster the cycle time, the more productive the operating machine is. Furthermore, the multiple spindle arrangement eliminates the need for the operator to spend time and effort in changing the tools by manual force. The above two factors result in the improvement of working efficiency, and thereby helps the manufacturer increase the profits they make. As the machine is designed with the twin turret, it makes double effect on the benefits for the manufacturers. 

The twin turret lathe designs

Turrets are installed in many types of twin turret lathe machines, many of which are vertical lathes and horizontal lathes. In a vertical lathe, the workpiece is clamped vertically and is driven by the twin spindles, and the cutting tools are installed in the same direction to perform CNC vertical machining.

● Vertical design
The vertical design of twin turret lathe refers to the vertical mounting direction of the twin spindles. This means that the workpiece, usually comes in long cylindrical shapes, is clamped on both sides by the headstock and tailstock. During operation, the cutting tools are advanced towards from above and under the workpiece. In other words, the vertical twin turret lathe is able to machine on the workpiece from two sides at the same time.

● Horizontal design
In contrast, the spindle arrangement of the horizontal twin turret lathe is similar to that of a conventional lathe. With the main spindle and sub-spindle mounted on the headstock and tailstock respectively, the machine ensures stable clamp on the workpiece. Furthermore, it is also available for the double-side machining due to the twin turret equipped with the machine.

Compared with horizontal lathes, the way of clamping on the vertical version is more stable due to the gravity effect. Manufacturers of vertical turning machines usually apply vertical turning machine models for the purpose of high quality production. This makes time popular choice for users pursuing high precision in various processing industries, such as the automotive, aerospace, sports equipment industries. 

In addition, similar to other machining centers, turning centers can also be equipped with tool magazines and automatic tool changers. The function of tool magazines is similar to tool turret, but the latter provides are available for the requirement of more live tooling storage. These two additional components help enhance the functionality and versatility, thereby provide manufacturers with greater processing possibilities on the turning centers.

Advanced turret is a modern accessory for many CNC turning machines or lathe machines. Taiwanese suppliers aimed at this business and developed many well- known power turret and power tool series to support the needs of global lathe users. A single motor with servo function can be used to drive the power turret, no matter single or twin turret sets, and give it the best processing effect. 

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