5 Axis Double Column Machining Centers Guide

For heavy-duty cutting tasks, the double column design CNC machine is always the best choice for such demands. The stable column setup can handle many heavy tasks. The 5 axis double column machining centers are popular machine models that can handle multiple types of heavy cutting, milling, and even roughing tasks on a single machine. Regarding the development of 5 axis double column machining centers, the concept of this heavy-duty double column CNC machines with multi-task machining originated from a conventional machining center in the last three decades of the 20th century.

After the invention of the double column frame, the derivative industry of this particular type of machine tool developed rapidly. Vertical machining centers are widely used in the field of double column machine structures, used in precision industrial sectors such as automobiles, aerospace and medical equipment, and have made extensive contributions to industrial and commercial achievements. Most 5 axis double column machining centers are designed vertically.
The 5 axis double column machining centers are one of the most effective metal processing solutions in today's industry. In all categories, there are three main methods of constructing five-axis machine tools. Here, this article introduces them as follows.

The first is the swing head, which can achieve most machining angles. This machine and other 5-axis components, such as four plus one and three plus two machining centers, are considered very convenient. Due to the existing three-axis arrangement, the latter has more practical advantages. Traditional machining centers are designed with at least three axes, namely x, y, and z.

For vertical and horizontal models, they can be equipped with other axes to make the machine a 5-axis. In addition, for the 5 axis frame, the worksheet is an important variable. By designing two other axes on the rotary table, the x, y, and z axes can be moved to two new working dimensions, so that multiple angles of possible cutting processes can be performed. The situation is the same as the structure as for the four plus one models. All these mechanisms are under the control of the computer numerical control unit, so that the synchronized action fully conforms to the set tolerance standard.

Work Piece and Other Variables

In operation, if the size of the work piece is too large and exceeds the allowable size, the machining will cause the body to vibrate too much, thereby reducing the accuracy of the machining center. This is an unacceptable situation for both manufacturers and subsequent production lines, so the manufacturer may add some other structural designs to the car body to make it more rigid during milling.

Strong strength Added

By installing the 5-axis function on the double column machine structure, the 5 axis double column machining centers become one of the very practical solutions to solve the problem of processing vibration while improving accuracy. Double column machining centers are usually divided into two types: fixed or moving columns.

At the same time, the design of the former is that both columns are left in place and cannot be moved, while the latter allows the birth of another shaft, which greatly improves the convenience of processing. The 5 axis CNC double column machining centers are highly developed machine tools that can handle a variety of machining tasks after the 5-axis development. The development of this specific type of machine tool is progressing well in the industry, and the machine center is widely used in various industries and has contributed to various industrial applications. CNC double column machining center is a precision metal processing machine tool that can process multiple machining tasks at one time.

5 Axis Milling Process

Nowadays, regarding the milling process of the 5 axis double column machining centers, it is the process of removing the material of the work piece by advancing the tool into one or more work pieces using a rotating tool. This cutting procedure can be done in different directions, which are based on the box method of the box, just like a lathe. In addition to turning, milling also covers a wide variety of operations, ranging from single tiny parts to heavy and large milling tasks. As a result, the research and development of milling methods are widely popular in the industry due to the productivity and effective characteristics of the production and processing of work pieces with complex profiles. Traditional lathes are relatively difficult to achieve.

At the same time, for this field, spindle bearings are also a problem that requires special attention. In the field of machinery, bearings are indispensable mechanical parts, which can limit the relative motion to the required range of motion and reduce the friction between moving parts. The design of the main shaft bearing can make the moving parts move linearly freely, and can also rotate freely around the fixed axis. It can also provide motion by controlling normal vectors acting on moving parts. In summary, the spindle bearing is designed to fit into a machine tool spindle structured to be mounted on the machine tool. As a result, for the above mentioned mechanical purposes, bearings are designed inside the various spindles. The spindle is one of the important components of modern machine tools. The main shaft is designed in many forms, which are basically based on the drive mechanism and other power systems.


The 5 axis double column machining centers can provide high precision stability and power for many high-end industries, such as aerospace, electronics and automotive industries. This is a masterpiece in the machine tool industry and can achieve first-class machining quality and accuracy. In addition, it can provide the best processing capacity and the best part composition to improve the processing performance and at the same time reduce the cost of the owner.

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