5 Face Moving Column Machining Centers

Somewhat similar a 5-axis vertical machining center with a downward-facing spindle and a horizontal table, a 5 face moving column machining center can handle larger parts and provide more multitasking capabilities. Due to its moving column, it can also handle a variety of complex tasks on one machine. The mobile column machining center has options for pivoting/tilting the spindle head, and a turntable for 5-sided machining. Through a wider work area, mobile columns can be configured for a wide range of applications in the automotive, aerospace, defense, energy, and petroleum industries.

5 Face Machining

5 face machining refers to machines that can move tools or parts on five different axes at the same time. Basic machining is performed on the three main axes X, Y and Z; however, the five-sided CNC machining tool can rotate two additional axes A and B, which provides multi-directional processing for the cutting tool.

Five end-face machining mobile column machining centers provide three linear axes and two rotary axes, which can work simultaneously to achieve complex surface machining. 3 plus 2 axis machining provides 3-axis milling, and there are two additional axes to rotate the fixed tool to a fixed position instead of repeating the operation during the machining process. 5 face moving column machining centers Help you work on tighter tolerances to achieve complicated geometries while the 3 plus 2 method helps you to keep your less complex parts in places that allow for easier access to the features.

Benefits of 5 Face Moving Column Machining Centers

Five end-face movable column machining centers help to manufacture complex designs cost-effectively. The advantages of switching to a 5-table moving column machining center include:

Ergonomics of 5 Face Moving Column Machining Centers 
5 face machining centers with movable column allows the operator to immediately and comfortably enter the workbench for loading and unloading operations or control operations during the machining process. The work area is designed for easy chip removal, easy to move the top by a bridge crane, and a mobile control panel with tilted screen and keyboard. Operators and qualified personnel greatly appreciate the broad vision of the work area and completely separate the work area.

The Flexibility of 5 Face Moving Column Machining Centers 
5 face moving column machining centers with moving columns can process various sizes of workpieces: small, medium, and large, and comes from various industrial fields, such as general subcontracting, mold manufacturing, machinery manufacturing, energy procurement, automotive and aerospace. The high configurability and combination possibilities provided by the fixed workbench provide unlimited work areas, bring different values ​​to customers, and obtain the maximum feasible return on investment.

Minimized Setup
A 5 face moving column machining center allows you to a machine on all surfaces except the clamping area and bottom. When machining contour parts or parts that need to be machined on multiple faces, you need to make multiple settings on the three-axis machine tool to achieve complex geometric shapes by manual rotation; 5 face technology can complete the setting work at one time, thereby reducing the setting Times and save time.

Complex Designs
The additional motion provided by the 5 face moving column machining center allows you to achieve complex shapes and designs. With a 5 face machine tool, you can access the machining angles and arcs that were previously only possible with multiple settings and countless special fixtures. Ultimately, five-sided machining eliminates the need to create complex fixtures because you can hold the part once and rotate it in a single process to obtain the desired geometry.

Rotational Accuracy
Every time the parts are removed from the machine, the effect of precise alignment is lost, and superior quality cannot be obtained. Unlike three-axis machining, five-sided machining can improve accuracy by allowing you to complete one task at a time, and create multiple complex shapes without losing the accuracy required to maintain quality.

Faster Material Removal
In 5 face moving column machining centers, the cutting tool is kept tangent to the cutting surface, which shortens the cycle time, which helps to save costs because you need to remove more material each time you cut the tool.

Better Surface Finishes
The fourth and fifth axes help you direct the part to get it closer to the cutting tool, enabling you to use a shorter cutting tool that is less sensitive to friction at very high cutting speeds, helping you to achieve a better surface finish. It will save you money, too. When using a three-axis machine tool, a small incision must be used to obtain a good surface finish, which leads to longer delivery time.

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