High Speed Gantry Type Machining Centers Guide

In the metal processing industry, the CNC gantry type machining centre is a highly developed machine tool that can handle many heavy precision machining tasks at once. At first, the machining center originated from the milling machine in the middle of the last century. Since then, the development of machining centers has developed well in the industry. Machining center features various functions like a CNC gantry type machining centre has been widely used in various industries and made great contributions to the development of the world's industry.
In mechanics, based on the machine framework, the CNC gantry type machining centre is similar to the bridge type machining center in this field. The high speed gantry type machining centers are a highly developed advanced machine tool that can simultaneously handle multiple machining tasks in one stop, without the need to further tilt the clamping device. Under normal circumstances, high speed gantry type machining centers are one of the most effective metalworking solutions for most machining tasks in the industry today. In all categories, there are three main methods of constructing five-axis machine tools.


The first type of CNC gantry type machining centre is with the swing head, which can achieve most processing angles. This machine and other CNC gantry type machining centers, such as four plus one and three plus two machining centers, are considered very convenient due to the existing three-axis arrangement and design, and the latter has more practical advantages. From the past experience, people tend to think that the machining center was developed by a milling machine in the middle of the 20th century. Since then, the development of this machine has been promoted in the industry. The machining center has been widely used and made tremendous contributions in various industries.

Three-Axis Basis: Fundamental Base

Conventional gantry machining centre is designed with at least three axes, namely x, y, and z. For vertical and horizontal models, anyone can be equipped with other axes, so that the machine can perform 5 axes machining based on CNC gantry type structural. For the 5 axis framework, the work table is an important variable. By designing two other axes on the rotary table, the x, y, and z axes can be moved to two new working dimensions, so that a variety of angles can be used for possible cutting procedures and other methods.

Similarly, the situation of the four plus one structure is the same. All the CNC gantry type machines are under the control of the computer numerical control unit, so that the synchronous action fully conforms to the set standards and requirements. Under different machining conditions, if the workpiece size is too large, there may be excessive vibration during processing, thus reducing the accuracy of the machining center, which is unacceptable for manufacturers and following production lines. Therefore, manufacturer may add some structural designs to the machine body to make it more rigid, a CNC gantry type machining center is one of the cases. In addition, the milling capability of CNC high speed gantry type machining centers is a high speed machine that uses a rotating tool to remove workpiece material by advancing the tool into one or more workpieces. This processing method can be done in different directions. In the field of metal processing, the milling process of the machining center covers a variety of different operations, ranging from single small parts to heavy and large milling operations tasks and responsibilities.

In some cases, if the supplier installs a 5-axis machine tool on the gantry structure to build high speed gantry type machining centers, the existing functions will be further enhanced, which is one of the very practical solutions to solve the problem of processing vibration while improving accuracy. High speed gantry type machining centers are usually divided into two types: fixed column type or moving column type. Therefore, the design of the former is that both columns are left in place and cannot be moved, while the latter allows the other axis to be born, thereby greatly improving the convenience of processing. CNC 5 axis gantry type machining center is a highly mature machine that can handle a variety of machining tasks. After the development of 5 axis, the development of this particular type of machine tool is progressing smoothly in the industry. Later, the machine center is widely used in various industries and contributed to a wide range of industrial applications. The high speed gantry type machining centers are precision metalworking machines that can process multiple machining tasks simultaneously in a workshop, and further shortening the work cycle.

The Trend of Machining Centers

In order to realize intelligent manufacturing, the industry must change the way of manufacturing orders. Regarding the milling process of a double column machining center, it is a process of using a spinning tool to remove workpiece material by advancing the tool into one or more workpieces. This cutting procedure can be done in different directions, which are based on the box ways, just like a lathe. In addition to turning is a popular method, milling also covers a wide variety of operations, ranging from a single small part to a heavy and large milling task. As a result, the research and development of milling methods are widely popular in the industry due to the productivity and effective characteristics of their production and processing of workpieces with complex profiles, while traditional turning machine tools are relatively difficult to achieve.

At the same time, for this area, spindle bearings are also a problem that requires special attention and variables. Also, in the field of machinery, bearings are vital mechanical components, which can limit relative motion to the required range of motion and reduce friction between moving parts. The design of the spindle bearing can make the moving parts move freely in a straight line, and can also rotate freely around a fixed axis. At the same time, it can also provide motion by controlling the normal force vector acting on the moving parts and components.

Long story short, the spindle bearing is designed to be assembled on the machine spindle, and the spindle structure can be installed on the machine. As a result, for the aforementioned mechanical purposes, bearings are designed inside the various spindles. The spindle is one of the important components for high speed gantry type machining centers. The design of the spindle is various, basically based on the driving power.

Gantry Type and Machining

With the growth of work piece size in the market due to the aerospace and power industry, large size workpieces with extraordinarily hard characteristics, such as titanium, are difficult to process with traditional machining methods. So the manufacturers of machining centers have created huge machining centers with wider Y axis and stronger cutting ability to ensure stable processing of those workpieces. It is anticipated that with the revolution of the industry, these kinds of large machines will receive more and more attention worldwide.

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