Vernier Caliper

Varnier calipers are often used in precision inspection such as diameter values as the primary means for the accuracy testing due to its fast and precise capacity of the inspection capacity. A Vernier scale is a small device that is based on visual aid to take an accurate measurement reading of checked values between two graduation markings on a linear scale volume by using mechanical interpolation. This linear scale checking can increase resolution and reduce measurement uncertainty concerns by using the so called Vernier acuity to reduce men errors of observation of distances such as diameters.

Vernier Caliper vs. Dial Indicator 

Both Vernier calipers and dial indicators are tester tools that conduct common inspections which help manufacturers to do a series of scientific and systematic inspection as well as recordings of the work pieces based on the measured data it show on the indicators. There are many types of tester devices and different level of them fits into different applications. Contrary to the large and precision and complicated inspections such as the CMM systems, dial indicators are much simpler in its construction as well as the operation pattern, which resembles Vernier caliper.

The distinctive essences between the values of a main scale division and the values of one Vernier scale division is recognized as the least count of the Vernier value, which is also known as the Vernier constant value per se. If one let go of the measures of the smallest main scale reading, that is the distance values set between two continual gradient, or some may call it as graduations as S, and the corresponding distance between two continual Vernier scale graduations be V.

Normally, the length of main scale divisions is shown in formula as n minus one, which is equal to the length values of n Vernier scale division at the left. With this respect, the inspection of physical objects’ linear scales by Vernier calipers was once the most reliable means of inspection in the 19th and even the early 20th century before other digital inspection measurements were invented such as laser light inspection method, 3D CMM, and other means.

This is a very conventional precision measurement means that used for the macro physics that tells about things above the particle scales. In the day when quantum physics was proposed, the idea of superposition was added into the inspection of micro physical world, thus anything that is laying under the micro scales cannot be measured foe sure due to the deviation from the superposition state since the measurement problem really exist in the physical world in a macro scale. 

Trade War and Vernier Caliper

Now as the trade wars and many embargo cases happened all over the world, the conflicts between the main economic giants in the world begin to battle for the past one year, and the end of this situation is not seen approaching at all, so manufacturers are working together to save all the inspected values by the Vernier calipers if they are living in the impacted areas and are with such needs, so that even if the import of high technological evaluations still exist as usual as not been so accuracy, however, for those who want to make their end products precise and with less precision issues, the handy inspection measurement devices at hand could be just things like dial indicators and Vernier calipers. 

Entanglement & Inspection

Even though the inspectors are of macro scales such as the two items we have mentioned above the state of quantum entanglement still exist in the micro world. This status would eventually affect the receptionist of the physical particles of the inspected objects, that is, the work pieces if what we are talking about are things related with the machine tools industry. Precision Vernier calipers are even stronger in the scale of linear length estimation and inspection, but the more the precision it is, according to the viewpoint of quantum physics, the bigger the possibility of the entanglement to happen for this distance crossing circumstances.

The situation can even applied to some higher ranked inspectors such as laser inspection devices by which the measurement means is light rather than physically touchable particles. The photon emitted by the measurement would eventually reach and change the eventual state of the checked objects. Therefore, Vernier calipers are relatively a moderate means that can represent good accuracy within a certain precision values without making any change of states of the checked work pieces.

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