Tube Making Machines

Tube making is one of the most common metals forming processes in the industry that people use to make metal materials into tube shape products. Tube making machines usually utilize drawing method to make tubes, and tube drawing is a process to size a tube by shrinking a large diameter tube into a smaller one, by drawing the tube through an end that is entitled the die. This process can produce high-quality tubing with precise dimensions, good surface finish, and accurate tolerance, and the added strength of cold working. As a result, this procedure is used for many materials, but is mainly on metalworking sector.

Furthermore, due to its versatility, the method of tube drawing is suitable for both large- and small-scale production, granting the best cost effective performance for manufacturers. In the tube making aspect, either cold or hot forming are adopted to form different kind of tube objects for a variety of industrial and domestic purposes.

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Tube Making Machines

Chan Yin

Tube Making Machines

Stainless Steel Tube / Pipe Making Machine / CYM - 40J

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