Knee Milling Machine

What is milling operation?

Knee milling machine works the best compared to other types of milling machines. However, what is milling operation, and how the milling machines are specified? Here is a brief introduction that gives you the basic knowledge you have to know.

Milling is a commonly seen process of machining. The main process of milling usually involves the use of rotary cutters, which remove material by advancing a cutter into any given workpieces.

There are different machines that can achieve the goal, including knee milling machine, milling ram-type, bed-type, and planer-type. Each of them has different specifications and features. They all have self-contained motors that run with electricity. It frees users from the traditional manual milling process, which is outdated and replaced by milling machines. In a milling machine, it also comes with a reciprocating coolant system, variable spindle, and power-operated table feeds.

What is a knee milling machine and how it works?

The biggest feature of knee milling machines is that it is equipped with a vertically adjustable worktable. As the name shows, the worktable is rested on a knee-supported saddle.

The knee is a kind of supportive and massive casting. The main function of the knee is that it can ensure the stability of a knee milling machine by riding vertically on the column. Also, it can clamp the column rigidly and firmly in a fixed position. This is for making the milling head and spindle be vertically fixed during operations.

For modern vertical milling machines, their spindles are located vertically, which is parallel to the column face. The purpose of applying the design is for the entire head has the ability to swivel on angular surfaces. The way of the turret and swivel head assembly gives cuts a higher precision and mobility (sometimes an object has to be swung 360° on the base). For angular cuts, the setting of the head permits better precision when it is done on the horizontal plane.

The versatility and stability of knee milling machine make it one of the most popular manufacturing machines in recent years. The brief introduction mentioned above simply shows a part of its capacity. If you want to find out more about other types of milling machines, continue to read and don’t miss a thing.

Different types of milling machine

Besides knee milling machine, here are four other types of milling machines that you may want to consider, including universal horizontal milling machine and ram-type milling machine.

1. Universal horizontal milling machine

There is another similar product called plain horizontal milling machine. They all belong to bed mills, but with some differences. The most obvious difference between a universal horizontal milling machine and a plain horizontal milling machine is that the former one has an additional table swivel between the table and the saddle. The worktable of it can be operated by either hand or electricity, which gives more flexibility to users.

The swivel enables users to swing the table up to 45° in any direction, which makes the milling process of the angular and helical milling process much easier. Also, it provides variable speed and alternation that fits different requirements from users. As the name shows, it can be used with a wide range of attachments, which gives it more versatility and functions. Common attachments include indexing fixtures, rotary table, slotting, and various special fixtures.

2. Ram-type milling machine

In a ram-type milling machine, there is a spindle that is mounted to the machine column. The purpose of the design is to enable users to position the cutter in a horizontal plane, either forward or rearward.

They can be used to milling CNC lathes and other types of lathes. Therefore, ram-type milling machines are also popular in the manufacturing process. Two of the most popular ram-types milling machines are the universal machine and the milling machine with a swivel cutter head.

a. Universal ram-type milling machine
The structure of the universal ram-type milling machine is similar to the universal horizontal milling machine. However, as the name shows, the biggest difference between the two types is the placement of the spindle. In a universal ram-types milling machine, the spindle is mounted on the movable housing. Besides these features, the functions of the two are basically the same. The worktable of it can be operated by either hand or electricity, which gives more flexibility to users.

b. Swivel cutter head ram-type milling machine
With the cutter head attached to the milling machine, this type enables the cutter head to be freely swiveled from different spindle position. For example, it can be swiveled from a vertical spindle position to a horizontal spindle position.

Also, the cutter can be fixed at any position according to a user’s requirements. It provides a variable speed and other customized settings. All these functions make users easier to operate the milling process as their command. The worktable of it can be operated by either hand or electricity, which gives more flexibility to users.

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