CNC Turret Milling Machine

CNC turret milling machines are milling machines that are equipped with turrets like turning lathe machines that can assist on the milling machines for various machining tasks. CNC turret milling machines are controlled under CNC controllers and the accuracy can be significantly improved. The concept of design about CNC turret milling machines resembles the basic frames of CNC mill turn machines and CNC milling centers.

CNC Turret Milling Machines and Heavy Cutting

Since the era of milling centers has come, CNC turret milling machines with double column is already a commonly known structure that is designed for heavy cutting task, because this frame is also applied onto the 5 axis frame. Double column plus 5 axis functionality is one of the very practical solutions to solve the machining vibration issues while improve the accuracy at the same time. The double column CNC turret milling machines are generally classified into two types: either fixed column or moving column type.

The fixed column CNC turret milling machines are the designs that both columns stay where they are without the possibility of moving, and the moving column CNC turret milling machines allow for another axis to be set, thus greatly improves the cutting convenience. 5 axis Double column CNC turret milling machines are highly developed machine tools that can deal with many kinds of machining tasks, after the development of the 5 axis, the development of this specific type of machine tools goes well in the industry, and after that, machine centers are profoundly applied in all kinds of industries, contributing a wide range of industrial achievements.

Milling Machine Functionalities

Up to the recent days, some machine tools that belong to the machining center family try to be versatile just like turning centers in the turning machining area. Although they are not as versatile as machining centers or milling machines, they are also very strong in machining all kinds of work pieces with complicated methodologies once if the onsite operators can add some other automatic procedures onto their production lines in the factory.

Milling machines with specific turret functionalities are usually used for certain specific tasks for customized projects that is specification oriented for the milling machines. Therefore, the precision issue is now even stricter than ever before. Consumers from the market demand for better quality, faster speed, and shorter waiting period, so the trend becomes harsh to manufacturers. Furthermore, consumers and the consumers from the market demand for higher quality, faster speed, and shorter waiting period, so the trend becomes harsh to manufacturers now.

Recently, many machine tool producers even add CMM devices into their machine tools, applying a wider field of precision standards to the machine tool sector, making their machine tools, be it machining centers, grinders, turning centers, or other model of machine tools, to be more competitive compared to the machining center counterparts for the application point of view.

5 Axis Milling Machines & Machine Centers

One 5 axis cutting milling machine is the machinery that allows for machining to be done on the five axes installed on the machinery. This is one of the highly studied and evolved machine tool models that can deal with multiple types of machining tasks all at one stop due to its multitasking and convenient design of machine tools.

In fact, at the very first, machine centers is evolved from the design of vertical milling machines at the mid of the 20th century; since then, the research and development of this specific type of machine tools has experienced a continual progresses well in the lab as well as in the industry, and after that, a diversified of machine centers are broadly applied in all kinds of industries for professional and precision usages, contributing a broad range of industrial achievements and rendering a very wide range of practices in application.

5 Axes and Additional Milling Capacity of Milling Machines

For additional cutting forces, the term 5 axis can be used to describe a wide variety of CNC milling and drilling machineries that include several critical accessories designed and assembled together with the machine frame itself, such as tool magazine (there are different kind of magazine designs), ATC (automatic tool changer), power tool turret (hydraulic, powered), CMM (Coordinate Measuring Machine), multi-axis working tables (with different guide movement designs), just to name a few here as here the focus is the 5 axis models.

Regarding the 5 axis, in the machine tool inventory, besides the model of vertical and horizontal, there are still other categories in the machining center inventory. Vertical machining center is the arrangement of its structure that aligns vertically, and the work pieces are thus machined by cutting tools that go down and go up vertically. Meanwhile, on the contrary to the vertical machining centers, horizontal machining centers have the spindle arranged horizontally and the machining procedure is processed in the horizontal direction while machining.

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