Quick Mold Change Systems

In the metal working and plastics injection molding sectors, the change of both die and mold is quite a heavy lifting job for onsite operators that is dangerous and is hard to do, consuming a lot of work, steps, time, and manpower. In the old times, people used to utilize gantry crane constructed inside the plant to do this kind of heavy lifting since the metal die and mold are often too heavy to carry for ordinary human operators. To change a die or a mold, many people have to get involved in and the procedure is always complicated and with too many variables. With this consideration, the invention of the die and mold cart was thus invented which is a kind of semi-automatic mechanism that onsite operators can use to accelerate the exchange time spent on mold and die changing.

What’s more, as the progression of automation never ends, now there are fully developed automatic mold and die change systems promoted on the market that help people to change those heavy molds and dies without the help of manpower. Quick mold change system is a very advanced concept that could help improve productivity as well as occupational safety for the business owners.

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Quick Mold Change Systems


Quick Mold Change Systems

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