C Frame Press

C frame presses are the forming presses that can deal with forming pressing works with its C frame press frames based on the hydraulic forces. This type of frame presses machines are widely used in the metal forming industry due to their great pressing forces driven by hydraulic cylinders and the machine frame is helpful to the forming process.

Compared with C frame presses, there are many novel hydraulic forming presses machines that can deal with the same forming procedure. The advantages of the C frame presses are that this type of machines are simple in the frame structure while practical in pressing works, making C frame presses so popular since its invention.

C Frame Presses and Applications

C frame presses are specialized in the production of blanking work pieces, and for the manual single stroke or automatic cycle stamping jobs of small work piece parts. The production of small pieces by C frame presses is so convenient that experts of forming machines often use them to make different kind of frames on the work pieces so that the frames would be various with multiple angles. The applications may include household appliances, automobile parts, consumable utensils, etc.

The reason why C frame presses are used as the primary forming presses are because they are metal forming machines that use stamping or pressing methods to achieve the forming goals. The hydraulic forces of C frame presses are powerful enough to process conventional forming tasks. Other forming press machines are also widely used in the metal working industry to do a lot of forming works such as utensil production, wheel manufacture, forging process, and other metal forming processes, but C frame presses are the most classic ones. 

Designs of C Frame Presses

The design of C frame presses is based on the well known genius Pascal's principle. The pressure throughout a closed system shall be constant as always is the main concept of the stamping loop working mechanism. In a forming press machine, one part of the system is a piston which acts as a pump, with a moderate mechanical force acting on a small materials cross-sectional area.

Besides, the other part of this machine is a piston with a larger area which generates comparatively relevant large mechanical stamping forces planned for the materials. The C frame hydraulic presses are forming presses designed based on the same mechanical principle that is designed with the appearance of a bowed frame that looks like the letter C, and the machines are usually operated vertically together with the tables designed for the pressed materials. Metal forming is an art as well as a rigid material forming science that uses hydraulic force for forming presses.

They are commonly used in the metalworking sectors for many kinds of forming and pressing operations, such as clinching, forging, molding, punching, blanking, deep drawing, and other metal pressing operations. With the pressing machines, the cycle time of the production procedure could be shortened in a large scale together with the tooling advancement. At the mean time, within an acceptable tolerance values regarding the output, the tooling enhancement is the key to improved pressing processes and stamping mechanisms.

Compared with metal cutting processing, the procedure of metal pressing offers faster shaping processes that can make massive production feasible and practical, so C frame Presses machines’ productivity shall never be under estimated. Some top notch scientific studies such as the ITER fusion machine involves a series of production and assembly processes, and the well organization of those works is just like the management of the metal pressing process with good stamping management. 

C Frame Presses and Modern Industry

Although the frames of the C frame presses machines are quite old fashioned, it is still widely used for a full ranges of pressing inventory in the pressing sector. The machines can be of mechanical, hydraulic, and servo controlled. All of them can be connected with smart control system that leads to smart pressing, so C frame presses are now elevated to a new level of industrial usages that can bring the maximum usages of presses machines with the least costs spent for industrial users with the needs of pressing demands.

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