Die Spotting

As one of the most commonly used press machines in the industry, die spotting press is used by many manufacturers in the production of a variety of molds and dies that are mostly applied to automotive, consumer electronics, and household appliances. The size of the die spotting presses dependents on the corresponding sizes of dies or molds that to be spotted.

Therefore, generally speaking, if manufacturers do require an item that whose size is largely different from their ordinary products, the scale of their die spotting machines would be different. Compared with other press machines such as try out press and ordinary production press, the mechanical force of a die spotting press would be much lesser because the primary task of a die spotting machine is to inspect if the contact points and surfaces between the lower and upper mold/ die parts are appropriate or not.

Moreover, since die spotting press machines are not responsible for real production of goods, the mechanical differences are not only confined to the forces but also to many other specifications. For instance, many die spotting press machines are equipped with invert cast design (mostly 180 degree) that enables detail inspection in the process.

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