Forging Press

Forming is a widely accepted method of making hard objects not only in the plastics and rubber industry, but also in the metal working industry as well. In addition, the cold & warm forging press is the pressing machine that can conduct both cold and warm pressing actions inside the machinery and thus could achieve integrated steps within one stop.

Normally speaking, the two are separate steps or even, say, methods. On the one hand, cold forging involves either impression die forging, or closed die forging with lubricant and circular dies near the room temperature. While, on the other hand, warm forging has a number of cost-saving advantages which underscore its increasing use as a manufacturing method. Furthermore, the temperature ranges for warm forging of steel extends from above room temperature to below the re-crystallization procedure. Metal objects that are forged with the cold and warm forging press are later strengthened in rigidity and enhanced in endurance.

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