Elbow Forming Machine

What is an elbow forming machine? 

An elbow forming machine is a machine that is used to form the elbows that are widely applied in the systems that contain pipes as the delivering components, which the media would pass through to and be distributed, and there can be various kinds of elbow forming machines that apply different methods to perform the forming processes.

A forming machine, also known as a press machine, is a machine that deforms the workpieces to make the required geometries of the products by the compressive force. 
In other words, instead of other machining works that avoid the deformation of the products, the works that are performed with the forming machines act the opposite way.

For some applications such as the pipes in the water supply systems, the delivery of water should travel for a long way so that the sufficient water with appropriate flow and pressure can be successfully sent to the connected applications. 

In order to ensure the smoothness of the journey of water, the devices that play the role as the channel of water, which are the pipes matter. In addition, the pipes are formed with several short parts attached to each other no matter with seamless or welded forms, if the attaching edges or the turning parts are right angles, the water is likely to leak through the gaps, or the water would be stuck in the corner of the angel.

Therefore, an elbow forming machine plays a vital role in dealing with this possible problem. With this machine, the attaching edges or the corner of the piping system can be smoothed, which prevent leakage from happening and allows for easier flow of the media inside the pipes.

How does an elbow forming machine form?

No matter what kind of machining works that a forming machine is incharge of, including the elbow forming machine, the primary operation methods are to use a mandrel or a die to form the required shapes of the products.

For the former that uses a mandrel to form the elbow, it is performed with a curved mandrel that is made as how the final products would look like, with an automatic feeding and unloading system, an induction heat system, an elbow pushing mechanism, and the pull rods.

As for the latter that utilize a die or a mold that provides a cavity for the workpiece to be placed into, and make the desired shape of the elbows after being compressed. In addition, there should be another mechanism of the elbow forming machine, which is capable of refining the surface finished of the products. With the refining of surface finishes, the products that are made can be easier to be attached or mounted on the applications of them.

How does an elbow forming machine work?

As the above paragraphs have mentioned, the forming of the elbow can follow two main methods, with one using a mandrel and the other applying a die. Depending on the different devices that elbow forming machines have, they can be divided into hot forming methods, cold forming methods, and UO methods.

● hot forming methods
Among the hot forming methods of elbows, there can be either mandrel or die forming processes, which both undergo a heating process that forms the elbows. Before whatever type of forming methods, the materials, which are usually steel, aluminum, or other alloys, should be cut into proper sizes that they are allowed to be formed.

The mandrel hot forming method places a mandrel that looks like the complete form of the elbow beside the workpiece. Once the raw material is heated to the temperature that is suitable for being formed without fracturing, the workpiece would be pushed and curved following the shape of the mandrel. After the workpiece is pulled out and cooled off, the elbow is made.

As for the hot forming method with a die, it is similar to the mandrel forming method, while the mandrel is replaced with a die. When the raw material is appropriately heated, it would be fitted into the cavity of the die. Once the surface finishes are smoothed, the die hot forming method is finished.

● cold forming method
The cold forming method is also known as the extrusion method, which also utilizes a die to form the elbow. While the die that is applied here protects the workpieces around the sides, the entire forming processes are conducted at room temperature instead of forming with high heats. When the desired form of elbow is made with the cold forming method, it also requires to be beveled so as to achieve the smooth surface finishes, which can be perfectly fitted with the applications.

● UO method
For the UO method, the die that this method uses is different from the above two, which comes in two parts, including the upper one and the lower one. During the processes, the lower die makes the U-shape on the workpiece. Once the upper die covers on the top, the O-shape opening of the elbow is then formed, which completes the forming of an elbow.

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