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What makes metal so precious to us? Is it because it can be made into coins? Is it because it is the backbone of building structures? Is it because it can be made into transporting means like vehicles? Or is it because of the fact that the metal is so versatile that it can be turned into so many essentials in? There is no correct answer for this question. However, there is no denying that metals have played a very important role over the course of human civilization. The discovery of the coppers and irons have given humans a chance to invent tools. Other metals like golds and silvers have helped humans shape the system of the economy. These days, most of the metals we unearthed are used in the industries. The malleable and ductile ability of the metals make them an excellent choice for a lot of purposes. There is one equipment that is invented for processing metal: the hot forming press. 

What is hot forming?

In order to understand what a hot forming press is, we have to first understand what is the technique of hot forming. Hot forming is a technique which can be used to form the sheet metal. The hot forming technique is sometimes referred to as the hot stamping technique or the press hardening technique as well. In all types of the forming technique, the procedure runs above the recrystallization temperature at which the metal is used. 

During the process of the hot forming, the sheet metal will go through the process of being recovered and softened. This process will in turn make sure that high equivalent strain is achieved despite the forces which are used for the process of forming is low. There are several processes for the technique of hot forming, such as the forging, the hot rolling and the extrusion. The hot forming technique is very suitable for the mechanical components, which must withstand high loads during the operation, such as the cylinders, the crankshafts, the connecting rods, and the gears.

What is a hot forming press?

Now that we know what the technique of hot forming is, we can discuss the hot forming press. Hot forming presses are the type of device which utilizes the technique of hot forming. Within the hot forming press, there is a platen and two halves of die. The process of hot forming commences as the hot forming press start to heat the platens and press the two halves of the die so a part can be formed. The heat plays an important role in the process of hot forming and also offers a lot of advantages in the process of forging and forming. The reason that the heat can offer a lot of the advantages is because of the unique traits of the metals. Since the metals will become more and more malleable while being held under the high temperatures, hot forming presses does not need to use a lot of tonnage to mold the part when comparing with the cold metals. The increasing malleability does not just make the hot forming press done its job in the easier way, but it also provided a lot of new applications for hot forming presses which would have been thought as impossible or impractical before.

Pros and cons of the technique of hot forming

Now that we understand what a hot forming press is and what the technique of hot forming is, let’s now address the pros and cons of the technique of hot forming. There are several advantages of the technique of hot forming. For example, the hot forming technique is capable of forming the shapes which are relatively complex. It also does not require a lot of force to do the process of forming. The hot forming technique can also be used to form all types of steels. During the forming process, the hot forming technique can also make sure there is no solidification and the formability of the materials remains high. The main disadvantage of the technique of the hot forming is that the surface can be slightly scaled due to the high working temperature. It is also possible that sometimes the component is wrapped in the wrong case. Also the furnace which is used to provide the heat will lead to high energy cost.

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