Hydroforming Press

The term Hydroforming press or hydro-forming press is two phrases with basically the same meaning. This is a pressing machine that utilizes a cost-effective way of shaping ductile metals such as aluminum, brass, low alloy steel, and stainless steel into lightweight, structurally stiff and strong pieces.

One of the largest applications of hydroforming is the automotive industry, which makes use of the complex shapes made possible by hydroforming to produce stronger, lighter, and more rigid one-piece form structures for vehicles. This type of technique is particularly welcomed by the high-end sports car industry and is also frequently employed in the shaping of aluminum tubes. Like hydraulic forming, it is a common term that indicates one of the most commonly used press machines which is used by any users in the manufacturing industry who is in the production of a variety of industrial objects as well as items used in a daily basis. Regarding industrial applications, many are applied to furniture, sports, consumer electronics, and household appliances.

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