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What Are Plywood Presses?

Plywood presses, or plywood pressing machines, are primarily used to press plywood sheets which are commonly used in construction and other related industries. They are capable of carrying out plywood press production lines that are capable of handling a wide range of panel sizes and thicknesses, with the panel thickness control and manty different customizable options that come with the machine.

Plywood pressing machines are mostly known for their accuracy, ease-of-use and the capability to meet the most demanding plywood production demands. They are often equipped with special features as well, such as high-speed loading and unloading capabilities, helping users boost performance, productivity and product quality.

In the market, you will be able to find hot and cold press machines for plywood pressing that can be used for processing plywood sheets and other specialized plywood applications.

Plywood Pressing Process

Before we go deeper, we should first understand that wood pressing is merely one of the steps in the entire plywood production process. Before actually undergoing plywood pressing, you’d be going through log selection, debarking where the selected logs are fed into the debarking machine, cutting logs into desired lengths known as bucking, peeling the logs using a substantial rotary lathe, making a continuous ribbon of woods, cutting and stacking woods into the desired size and thickness, gluing the sheets of veneer together, then we can finally get to press plywood sheets.

Upon doing the glued and unglued alternating process, the plywood sheets which are glued together is pressed using a hot press machine (i.e. hot plywood press) to obtain the desired thickness of plywood. An example of hot plywood press is the hydraulic pressing machine or pneumatic pressing machine in which pressure, or sometimes both heat and pressure, are applied to the wood piles. When heat is applied, the glue hardens rapidly and solidifies as the combined veneer is pressed against one another. Once the pressure is released, plywood is considered dry.

Hot Plywood Pressing Machines

With reference to the above section, a hot press machine is used to carrying out the plywood pressing. Hot press machines are currently one of the most popular equipment in the woodworking industry. They have been reliable in factories manufacturing plywood, ensuring robust and consistent output. Although hot press machines vary in capacity, the average weighs about 120 tons. These units typically offer compact design and great efficiency. With higher quality models, they can even guarantee both speed and accuracy.

Now let’s take a moment to learn about the general features of a hot press machine for plywood. Even though all hot press machines have identical primary function, the features can vary depending on the model and make.

All plywood pressing systems are mechanically hydraulic. The most advanced plywood pressing machines all employ the hydraulic technology. One advantage of using a hot press machine using hydraulic technology is the lower required input. They do not consume a lot of energy while still being able to yield optimal output. Hot press machines are powered by oil circulating pumps, and can internally channel oil via all its parts of auto-maintenance.

With respect to performance, hot press machines for plywood are top-shelf. Machines are bound to deliver when employed with hydraulic technology. The superb engineering design of a hot press machine allows it to perform optimally.

Moreover, these hot press machines are equipped with calibrated hydraulic cylinders that leak-proof, protected against leaks. Therefore, regardless of what models and makes of your hot press machines, they are poised to perform at a steady rate and speed. The top-notch models will even allow users full control over the pressure applied on the plywood sheets.

Construct of Hot Plywood Pressing Machines

Hot press machines for plywood pressing is typically robust and made of fabricates steel. The compact design of hot press machines for plywood pressing also allows better space-saving and friendly installation. You can set a hot press machine almost anywhere on the floor of factory without taking up too much space. Most hot press machines for plywood pressing guarantee swift production, with minimal maintenance needed.

Hot Plywood Press vs Cold Plywood Press

When it comes to heat pressing of plywood, you typically have a choice between hot pressing and cold pressing. Both are used for flattening, bonding, veneering and pressing of wood sheets. Choose one that fits your requirement of intended application.

Cold pressing normally takes a longer time, which is about 3-4 hours or so. For applications, cold plywood pressing machines are mostly used in the production of wooden cabinets and doors. As the name implies, the cold press plywood press machine is only pressed at room temperature, and the hot press can heat the sheet, the temperature can be up to 300 degrees, and the flatness of the hot press is higher.

Hot pressing on the other hand have become very mature in terms of technology after years of development. The operation of the machine is also very simple. The temperature, pressure and time can be set, and the degree of automation is superb.

Final Words

In a nutshell, a hot press machine for plywood pressing is definitely worth the investment for your wood production. It is converged with the benefits of high productivity, low maintenance, low input, high output and consistent performance as it is designed to meet the most demanding production requirement. You can easily ramp up the production without adding to the cost.

To optimize the efficiency of the hot press machine for plywood pressing, you can even get your unit customized. A customized hot press machine for plywood pressing does a better job meeting specific woodworking application requirement comparing to the ones you choose from an existing catalog. Although customization may incur extra cost, it is certainly worth the expense.

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