Metal Shear

Introduction of Metal Shear

Metal shear is a kind of big scissors to cut sheet metal during the metal processing progress. It is an important tool using in forming metal sheet.

Metal shears can vary in types. They can appear as special designed big scissors or as big as a machine tool.

Types of Metal Shear

Metal shears can be divided to manual powered and hydraulic, or actually electricity, powered.

The metal shears designed in manual powered types are usually smaller. They are used in progressing smaller pieces of metal sheets. These kinds of metal shear can do both roughly forming work like cutting big pieces of metal sheets into smaller ones, and detailed trimming work like shape the metal sheets into different shapes including round shape.

On the other hand, metal shears designed in hydraulic powered models look larger that can be recognized a machine. Generally, they can be summarized as shearing machine.

They are usually used in cutting metal sheets in bigger sizes to make them smaller or into pieces. However, detailed trimming work is not included in their professions.

Below are hydraulic powered metal shears:

● Alligator Shear
Alligator shear is also called lever shear or crocodile shear. It is a kind of metal cutting tool using a hinged jaw to cut sheet metal into pieces. Its jaw looks like a crocodile with an opened mouth.

The alligator shear can be powered by a flywheel or hydraulic cylinder. The older types are usually powered by a flywheel. However, since the security reasons, now the new types are designed to be powered by cylinder.

When using it, the technicians just need to put the metal in its “mouth”, then the parts responsible for pressing the metal will go down a little bit before the blade. Then, the blade will cut the metal down. During the whole progress, the technicians need to do is place the metal on the plate of crocodile shear and press the start button.

Since its jaw is extremely powerful, it is usually set up in construction sites as a stand-alone shear. Generally, alligator shear is used to cut ferrous members, such as rebar, pipe, angle iron, or I-beams.

● Guillotine
The guillotine is also called squaring shear, power shear, hydraulic guillotine shear machine or hydraulic shear. As its name told, this kind of metal shear is powered by hydraulic.

When the hydraulic shear works, the technician needs to put the huge sheet metal on its conveyor. Then, the conveyor would take the sheet metal into the machine. Before cutting the metal sheet, the ram inside the guillotine will go down to stabilize the metal sheet, then the blade would work to cut the big metal sheet into strips or small pieces.

Generally, the hydraulic shear is not used to do detailed forming works since their professional is cutting metal sheets straight and deburred.

Metal shears we mentioned above are all huge machines. Now, it is time to go to the smaller ones that contain mobility. They are not powered but also powerful.

Below are manual powered metal shears:

● Bench Shear
Bench shear is a kind of small metal shear that is manually powered. It is usually used for cutting rough shapes out of medium-sized pieces of sheet metal. However, it cannot be used to do delicate work.

The small shears on the bench shear can cut the metal sheets quickly and smoothly and allow it to produce high quality metal sheets without burrs.

With the bench shear’s help, you artisans can get metal sheets in pieces with beautiful edge. However, this tool is usually used to cut metals in straight, cutting them with curves might be not its professional specialty.

● Throatless Shear
Throatless shear looks like bench shear. The difference is that throatless shear can cut metal sheets in both straight lines and curves.

Different from the blade on a bench shear which is designed as a 90-degree angle, the blade of a throatless shear is designed in larger than 90 degree. Thus, the special design gives the throatless shear a larger possibility on forming shapes of sheet metal.

● Power Shears
Power shears are hand tools. Although they do not look like general scissors, you can recognize them as bigger scissors with powerful cutting capability.

Since the power shears are hand tools, among all types, they are the ones contain the highest level of freedom. They can be designed as power tools or pneumatic tools.

Since its mobility and high level of freedom, power shears can be used in large or small sheet metal. In general, they are mostly used on cutting large metal sheets with straight or curved lines.

● Tin Snips
Tin snips are also called snips. They are a kind of hand tools look like pliers but actually are powerful scissors that can cut metals.

Tin snips are definitely manual. However, they are the most widely used tools. Moreover, they are able to do delicate works just like the general scissor we use. They can even be used to cut papers.

The way of using is just like general scissors. Thus, this type of metal shears is the most easy-to-use one.

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