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Due to the convenience of the power-driven essence, the concept of power press is derived from a conventional one for a lot of reasons. A power press is a powered forming press machine that is commonly shortened to press machine. This is a machine tool that changes the shape of a work piece by the application of pressure force which is driven by motor devices. During the pressing operation, the operator of a forming press is known as a press-tool setter and is often shortened to tool setter whose duty is to control the pressing operation while maintaining the power output.

Power press is different from hydro-forming in a variety of inventories. The term hydro-forming press is is a pressing machine that utilizes a cost-effective way of shaping ductile metals such as aluminum, brass, low alloy steel, and stainless steel into a lightweight, structurally stiff and strong pieces. One of the largest applications of hydro-forming is the automotive industry, which makes use of the complex shapes made possible by hydro-forming to produce stronger, lighter, and more rigid one-piece form structures for the automotive industry.

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