Punch and Shear

There is no doubt that the metals have played a very important role in our daily life. Metals have been used for so long that without them, there would be no civilization. The metals are usually utilized to build the structure of the house or the necessary products. After the industrialization, metals have become even more important, as most of them have been used to build the huge equipment, the trains, and the boats. 

All these machines are now being used in the factory to help us process the materials and turn them into products. Some machines can also help with the process of the metallic product, such as the punching and shearing. In the old days, these two machines were separated. This has taken up a lot of space. Fortunately, we are now having the punch and shear machine compacted in just one machine. This has made the processing of the metal piece a lot more efficient and saved a lot of space. 

Process of punching 

So what is punch and shear? The very idea of the punch and shear are actually two distinct metal processing techniques. Let’s take a look at the punching first. The process of punching is done by the punching machine. The punching machine can perform both punching and embossing on the flat sheet materials.

The process initiates as the workpiece is being programmed and the length of bars enter the system. Then the control will start to calculate the maximum quantity of pieces to be punched.  After entering the desired amount of the work pieces, the bar will then be pushed toward the stop. After the production process commences, the machine will automatically start to work. 

Process of shearing

Now that we know about the process of punching, let’s take a look at the other process that constitutes punch and shear, the shearing. The shearing is a process which is also referred to as die cutting. The process of shearing will cut the stock without the formation of chips or the use of the techniques of the burning or melting. The sheet materials and the plates are the materials which are mostly processed by the technique of shearing. It is custom that if the cutting blade is in straight shape, the process is called the shearing. On the other hand, if the cutting blade is curved, then the process is referred to as the shearing type operations. 

What Is a Punch & shear machine?

Now that we have learned the two processes which made up the punch and shear, we can now discuss what a punch and shear machine is. Just as I mentioned earlier, punch and shear are two methods to process the metal work pieces. These days, people have impacted these two techniques and turned them into a machine called the punch and shear machine. The punch and shear machine is a type of device which is capable of performing a number of functions, such as the shearing, the punching, the notching, and the bending. 

The punch and shear machine these days are equipped with the hydraulic prime movers. This is very different from the old models of the punch and shear machine. The old model of the punch and shear machines have to store the energy which keeps the tool driving in a device called the revolving flywheel. There is also a clutch which connects the flywheel to the crankshaft. The crankshaft will then drive the tool. At the beginning of the strike, the operator will engage the clutch so the flywheel energy can connect to the crankshaft. There is also a key clutch, which is used to connect the flywheel and the tool for one revolution of the flywheel.

What Are the Limitations? 

As long as it is an equipment, there are always going to be some risks during the production. The punch and shear machine is no exception to these risks. It is very important to make sure the cutting area is well guarded. It is also advised to equip a presence sensing device which can help the machine to stop when sensing the entry of an object. This way, it will greatly reduce the risk of deep cuts or amputation of the fingers. By making great protection and precaution, the punch and shear machine can certainly be of good use to the people. 

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