CNC Punching

CNC punching can be referred to as the CNC punch presses that conduct sheet metal punch pressing on the working station. In a way, CNC punching can be interpreted to a wide variety of sheet metal works and other thick metal jobs that are hard to disambiguate among the many metal forming manners.

Compared to laser cutting, CNC punching method for sheet metals are designed with less high technical devices and high energy consumption, while the processing speed of CNC punching is still fast compared to laser cutting methods in the work on the sheet metal materials.

What Are CNC Punching Presses?

In the field of metal forming industry, metal punching takes a large portion of work piece processing due to its fast speed compared with the long stand cutting process conducted by cutting machine such as turning center, milling machine, machining center, etc. With the die cut well managed, a CNC punching mechanism can work very well to produce light objects in a short period of time. Punch presses, by itself, are definitely the ideal ones for this process that these are types of CNC punching press utilized to cut holes in materials through the die and the punching objects. It can be small and manually operated or be controlled by either numerical controller or computer numerical controlled system (such as NC or CNC controller).

The fixture parts of CNC punching may hold one simple die set or two to even integrate die sets. In such case, the combined die sets of CNC punching presses are designed as a multi-station forming stop with turret sets, and the corresponding CNC punching press can hold a much larger and complex die set for large work piece working.

CNC Punching Presses Works on Sheet Metals

CNC punching on sheet metals can be very easy to do and the cost is relatively low. So the productivity of this punching method is often used on the sheet metals together with the automation system, such as the quick die change system. A quick die change press is a powered forming press machine that is commonly shortened to QDCP machine. This is a CNC machine tool that changes the shape of a work piece by the application of pressured force which is driven by motor devices, but features fast die changing characteristics.

During the pressing operation, the operator of a CNC punching forming press is known as a press-tool setter, and is often shortened to tool setter whose duty is to control the pressing operation while maintain the power output. Compared to the laser cutting, this may be lengthy in time, but once the production model is set for massive production, the productivity would make compensation to the CNC punching preset works to the laser cutting machines. For the massive production model to be operated well, the help from quick die change system is a must have. 

Quick Die Change System and Sheet Metal Punching

Sheet metal punching takes dies to do it, while both dies and molds are subject to this system. In the metal working and plastics injection molding sectors, the change of both die and mold is quite a heavy lifting job for onsite operators that is dangerous and is difficult to do, consuming a lot of work, steps, time, and manpower. In the old times, people used to utilize gantry crane constructed inside the plant to do this kind of heavy lifting jobs since the metal die and mold are often too heavy to carry for ordinary human operators.

To change a die for sheet metal cutting, many people have to get involved in and the procedure is always complicated and with too many variables. With this consideration, the invention of the die and mold cart was thus invented that is a kind of semi-automatic mechanism that onsite operators can use to accelerate the exchange time spent on mold and die changing jobs. What’s more, as the progression of automation never ends, now there are fully developed automatic mold and die change systems promoted on the market that help people to change those heavy molds and dies without the help of manpower. Quick die change system is a very advanced concept that could help improved productivity on sheet metal processing as well as occupational safety for the business owners.

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