SMC Press

SMC presses are either mechanical or hydraulic presses that are designed to process sheet molding compounds. The term sheet molding compounds are abbreviated as SMC, so the term SMC presses is thus created in the metal forming industry as a common name, but for ordinary users, SMC press may be mistaken as servo type machineries.

Hydraulic presses are press machines that utilize hydraulic forces as the driven power to activate and operate the pressing actions. For hydraulic press inventory, the SMC press models are the hydraulic SMC presses that are driven based on hydraulic forces for the forming process for sheet molding compounds.

What is Hydraulic Press?

The definition of hydraulic press is simple but very strict. Only to those press machines that are operated under hydraulic forces as the main power forces can be referred to as hydraulic presses. Hydraulic press is enlisted as widely used machinery in various industrial sectors, and the model is a machine press using a hydraulic cylinder that generates great and sudden compressive forces. The design of hydraulic press is based on Pascal's principle, that is, the pressure throughout a closed system shall be constant as always. Pascal is a French mathematician who had invented many original calculations for the industrial applications that were once for theoretical discussions. In a press machine, one part of the system is a piston which acts as a pump, with a moderate mechanical force acting on a small cross-sectional area. Besides, the other part of this machine is a piston with a larger area which generates a comparatively relevant large mechanical force.

C frame designed hydraulic press is a press machine based on the same mechanical principle that is designed with the appearance of a bowed shape that looks like the letter C, and is usually operated in vertical direction as the ordinary arrangement. Today, hydraulic presses are commonly used in the metal forming sectors for many kinds of forming operations, such as clinching, forging, molding, punching, blanking, deep drawing, and other metal forming operations onto a wide variety of metal materials. With the press machines, the cycle time of the production procedure could be shortened in a large scale, and at the mean time, within an acceptable tolerance values regarding the output. Because compared with metal cutting processing, the procedure of metal forming offers faster shaping process that makes mass production feasible for manufacturers.

SMC Press and Massive Production Model

SMC presses are like other presses, and most of the press machines are used for mass production model, rendering work pieces in a targeted shape within a short period of time with a large amount of items. While currently, the trend of small amount but largely diversified production takes the leading role in the world industry, so that the issue of a quicker die changes mechanism in order to achieve agile manufacturing becomes very important. Since all kinds of manufacturers may use the same model, so that in the global market it is important and critical for manufacturers across all kinds of industries in the global market to be in touch with the same specification with little custom changes. Business owners in the automotive and electrical sectors are those who adapt to this trend well among many other sectors because of the assistance of computer assistance such as CNC controller rather than the manual designs that only benefit the experienced operators in a focused fields.

Smart Hydraulic Presses

Here we give an instance about the addition of smart manufacturing into the hydraulic presses. The production line of wheel rims requires complicated pressing processes due to the design of automobile wheels. Just for producing one type of rim, it takes a long production line to complete. However, manufacturers are faced with the demands to produce various rim products within the demanded period of cycle time. So they come up with the automation system that can accelerate the operation of the hydraulic pressing manufacturing in the manufacturing sites. As a result, the correlation between forming machines and automation systems are getting more and more intimate in these days.

Servo presses and mechanical presses are also widely applied as well as the hydraulic presses and each of them represents different mechanical advantages that are advanced than the existing solutions. Besides the metal working industry, with the ongoing development towards light-weight parts for sports, aerospace, and automotive appliances and many other industries, servo hydraulic and hydraulic presses have become a crucial tool for the thermoplastic industries in the plastics and rubber sectors in the industry.

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