Straight Side Press

Introduction of Machine Presses

As its name showed, straight side press is member of machine presses family. Therefore, before we talk about the topic, it is suggested to greet this big family the first.

Machine presses, as known as pressing machines, are forming machine that designed to use pressures reforming the shape of workpieces into the required forms.

When working with the machine tool, types of the pressing machine that are chosen, the output of pressure, the quality of molds (like stability, accuracy, etc.), and the features of the workpiece (for example, hard metal, plastic, rubber, etc.) are all crucial factors to the quality of finished products.

The family of machine presses is big for that there are many manufacturers are producing this kind of machine tool due to it popularity and market values. Therefore, the manufacturers would develop various models of the machine presses with their own secret features. It would result that the types of the machine presses being too hard to be divided in detail.

The most common category for differ the press machines is by the way they are powered. Through this way, the presses can be categorized into manual, hydraulic, mechanical, electric, and pneumatic presses.

Others would be:
Divided by Function
By this way, they can be distinguished as forging presses, stamping presses, press brakes, punch press, etc.

● Divided by Structure
Divided by structures, we would get knuckle-joint press and screw press.

● Divided by Controllability
Conventional and servo-presses would be introduced.

If categorizing them from the design, the types would be straight-side, BG (back geared), geared, gap, OBI (open back inclinable) and OBS (open back stationary).

Introduction of Straight Side Press

Straight side press, as known as C-frame press, is a member of machine tools family that is specially designed for machining components with pressure and molds.

Through the pressure they add on the workpieces, they can shape the workpieces into the required shapes with accuracy.

When it is speaking to capacity, the straight side press is recognized a high capacity production machine. Therefore, nowadays, straight side press has been widely used in industrial machining industries like automobile manufacturer, etc.

The straight side press allows its operators easily access the workpiece to the die area on three sides. Moreover, straight side press is not a space-taking machine tool that it requires less floor space.

As it is mentioned in the previous section, crucial factors that effects the outcomes from pressing machines are output of pressure, the quality of molds, and the features of the workpiece.

Among all of these factors, the press style used is in would likely to direct correlation to the end product.

The straight side press has vertical columns on either side of the machine and eliminates angular deflection. With its rigid frame, straight side press can produce heavy loads. Therefore, the powerful press machine is commonly used for forming of heavy and thick metals, coming, deep drawing, etc.

Types of Straight Side Press

Types of straight side presses can be various, and the way of categorizing them also follows various standards. 

Divided from the way they are powered, they can be contributed into the category of manual, hydraulic, mechanical, electric, and pneumatic straight side presses.

Below are some examples of commonly used straight side presses:
One-Point Straight Side Presses
This is a mechanical straight side press. As known as single crank presses, one-point straight side presses of this design contains precise slide guiding and frames and has the ability to deal with higher tonnage without the risk of angular deflection or yawning.

● 2-Point and 4-Point Eccentric Geared Straight Side Presses
This is also a mechanical straight side press. Straight side presses of this design are specific in run large dimension dies, both left to right and front to back.

● 2-Point Crank Shaft Straight Side Press
2-point crank shaft straight side press is also called double crank presses. It features in large working table, excellent compressive strength, deflection, torsion and vibration resistance that can guarantee the workpieces would made perfectly with accuracy.

Work with Safety

Straight press machine is powerful in manufacturing but in fact dangerous to operate because of its pressure level is extremely high that would cause serious injuries or even death when someone is hurt by this machine tool.

To work safely, maintenance of the machine tools, warnings, and security measures for operators are necessary to do.

Therefore, in certificated factories, straight press machines would be checked in every specific duration and the operators would be required to keep a safety distance from this powerful machine tools for safety purpose.

Besides safety protective announcements, the operators would also need to be careful when working with the straight press machines. For example, when the machine tools are working, the operated should not be allowed to go close to the machine.

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