Straight Side Press

A crank type straight side press is a forming machine with crank-based design, which works as a forming press, and is commonly shortened to crank press. This type of forming machinery is a machine tool that changes the shape of a work piece by the application of the stamping pressure and is one of the mechanical presses that adopt the crank frame design.

The operator of a forming press is known as a press-tool setter, often shortened to tool setter, and the press style adopted is in direct correlation to the end product. Press types are straight side; back geared, geared, gap, and open back inclinable. With this specific crank type press with straight side design, onsite operators are easy to operate and render practical but precise pressing results that is suitable for the common pressing specifications and requirements. Moreover, with the automation system, the crank press can work without the aid by human operators in certain steps, thus the cost of pressing is reduced.

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