Press Peripheral Equipment Guide

Press peripheral equipment refers to the peripheral equipment of press machines. Press machines are complicated metal forming machines that can do a series of pressing actions based on the coordination of the press peripheral equipment.

The definition of press peripheral equipment varies from big and compact device to small but functional objects. For the bigger devices, they are things such as malfunction detector, load monitor, control system, etc. These are well designed items that need to be connected to the press machines together with the power source to activate. In analogical sense, they are like power turret, automatic tool changer, and rotary tables for milling and turning machines.

Safety Devices

For small devices, there are a lot of things and the inventory is rather huge. For the safety devices for press machines, such as direct projection safety light curtain, safety guard press brake, with laser beams that can surely detect the human body parts of the onsite operators so that the safety can be further guaranteed. Many of these devices has to be certified with international standards and organizations such as EN954 and EN12622, etc.

Machinery and component suppliers are working with many national research institutes to develop top notch devices that match to the international standards so that their industrial products can be compatible to a broader spectrum of facility inventory. This trend makes the press peripheral equipment manufacturers filtered a lot but also fostered the rest of them. 

Other Supportive Machines and Small Items

There are many different types of peripheral devices used in the press machines. For those peripheral items to be used well, the overall coordination is important so that a good helper for the whole engineering of the existing pressing equipment together with the new coming peripheral items is crucial to the final outcome.

Those items are things such as die clamps, which are used to clamp the metal forming dies. Clamping stroke and die edge thickness tolerance are to be considered by users for professional considerations. The T slot dimensions and the extra stroke are two things that shall also be taken into account. And there are die arms, which are used to transmit the finished or to be used dies. Control panels are the management system for the overall supportive equipment to integration. Pump units are the power sources to those supportive items and equipment. Die lifters are the lifters that are used to lift heavy dies with smooth paces, making the possible damages minimal or even zero, prolonging the lifespan of the die objects. Other larger peripheral objects are equipment like tracks for the die transmission cart, or equipment such as automation system and their peripheral small objects.

The automation equipment and accessories are highly popular for the press industry in the recent two decades, since this sector contains many occupational safety issues. There are many automation devices and large equipment that are designed for better occupational safety concerns. The quick die and mold change system is an integrated die or mold changing system that involves several items mentioned above for a faster mold and die change with less men power consumed. Moreover, there are some automatic carts, or manually operated carts that help to transport the uninstalled dies or molds rather than the conventional crane system, delivering faster and safer measures of heavy loading items transmission. 

Die and Mold Storage Management

In the recent years, many mold and die management system suppliers are developing their own fully automation system that can transport the used molds or dies to the tracks and send them to other places such as storage warehouse or other forming machines or injection molding machines that need it. Such fully automatic mold and die transmission system give large flexibility to managers on the coordination of those items as well as the capital goods by controlling them on the monitor, making remote monitoring and instant control possible. These types of real time control require lots of modern technology, such as sensors, smart technology, chips, computers, cameras, and many other integration mechanisms.

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