Die Change Cart

    A die change cart is a mechanical device that is mainly used to clamp, transport, and position the dies. Since this machine usually shares a similar appearance with a shopping cart, it is called a die change cart as a result. The die change cart is also called the die changing cart. The size of the die change cart varies from a regular shopping trolley to a larger console style die changing platform to carry dies in different sizes. A die change cart can be pushed around and operated manually or it can be an automated machine that works on its own. The style of a die changing cart is really a matter of where it is being used and the type of die it works with.

Metal Forming Die

    Now that we all get a general picture of what a die change cart is and what it is used for, it is also necessary to explain what a die is. Generally speaking, a die is a crucial component in metal forming operations. Metal forming is a type of process that changes the shape and configuration of a piece of metal and turns the metal work piece into a part. Metal forming is one of the most common processes in modern manufacturing industry. In such process, the dies serve as the molds to deform and shape the metal materials.

    The three main types of metal forming that include the use of dies are the cold forging, warm forging and hot forging. These metal forming techniques all aim at shaping metal work pieces but with particular approaches. Therefore, the dies that are used are different. Based on the metal forming machine and the die type, the die changing cart that is involved in the process is different because the way the die is clamped or positioned is not the same in the processes. In addition to these three types of metal forming processes, dies can be used in other operations such as pressing or punching where the use of die change cart is also included.

Anatomy of a die changing cart

    The anatomy of die changing carts can vary significantly depending on the style the machine has. A shopping cart size die changing machine has a totally different look from a die changing machine for larger dies. However, the necessary components that a die changing machine has are much alike. There is a platform to place the dies. There is a clamping system on the platform to secure the dies when the machine is moving. There is a lifting system to transport the dies between levels. And there is a transportation system to move the dies from the cart to a metal forming machine.

Die Carrying & Clamping

    For the cart size die changing machine, the die carrying platform is not much different from a regular desk top or table top. This size of the platform is not large and the machine itself does not have the capability to carry larger dies or molds. As for the larger die changing machines, there can be a large platform to carry larger dies or there can be multiple conveyer belts that transfer a number of dies at a time. The large scale die changing machines are usually automated machines or there is a motor and wheels so that the operators can drive the machine instead of pushing them.

    The clamping system is a must on the die changing machine. With the clamping system, the dies can stay secured while the operator moves the cart. On top of that, clamping the dies makes the changing process smoother and quicker. Since the dies are positioned, when the die changing machine is docking with a metal forming machine, the transportation of the dies from one platform to another can be done in a precise fashion. The docking system is usually on the front end of a die changing machine.

Lifting System

    The lifting system is usually required when there are various levels of surfaces in the working place. With the lifting system, the dies can be retrieved from a metal forming machine and transported to another which has a different surface level to the previous one. The lifting system also makes the transportation process more efficiently and the changing process more precisely since the height of the machine can be set.

The Benefits of Die Changing Machine

    There are several advantages that a die change cart or a general die changing system can bring about. First of all, the use of a die changing machine provides safety to the operators due to its highly automated nature. With the full automated die changing system, no human operator is involved. Even with a typical die change cart, the operators only have to push or drive the machine to the designated spot and they are not involved in the changing process. This guarantees their safety.

    In addition to the safety of the personnel, a die changing machine also offers excellent efficiency. Using the die changing machine can reduce the die changing time immensely. With less die changing time, there is more time for the metal forming machine to work and the productivity can be improved. The efficiency not only comes with less down time, but also less chance of tool damage. With the automated changing system, the process is handled accurately, smoothly and gently. That way, the tools can be protected from potential damage and wear.

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