Press Feeder

In the forming machine industry, a press feeder is also called a press operator, loads the work pieces into the feeding tray or tunnel of a press machine. When the press machine is running, onsite operators will make adjustments to the operations to prevent material jams. Nowadays as the NC technology is widely applied, most press feeders are controlled by the NC system while the loading is still manual mostly but in some automation projects such as unmanned factories, even the loading and transferring of work pieces are controlled by computer programs.

Feeders for press machines vary from model to model. For instance, In the field of metal working, a crank press is a crank-based forming press that belongs to the metal forming machinery, which is commonly shortened as crank press. This is a machine tool that changes the shape of a work piece by the application of the stamping pressure and is one of the most widely adopted mechanical presses in the metal forming industry due to the crank shape design which is easy to make and convenient to main by suppliers or even to ordinary industrial users with a certain level of training programs. And feeders for crank machines are designed to be well managed by both operators and the system so that it can help the automation procedure.

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