Coil Feeding

Introduction of Coil Feeding

Coil feeding is one of the machining progressions, usually the first step, which is used for coil handling by automatically feeding the metal sheet into the machine tools responsible for following progression to be progressed.

Machine tools used to operate this step are the coil feeders which are usually designed to be feeding lines and combined with other kinds of machine tools, such as stamping machine or milling machines, to consist a completed product line.

Before progressing, the operator would unwrap the metal sheet coil, and put the tip of the metal sheets into the feeding machine through a big platform. Then, the feeder would start and send the metal sheets automatically into the machine tools until the coil runs to the end.

Usually, there would be couple of rollers and cutters inside the coil feeding machine to help flatting and cutting down the metal sheets to the required sizes.

After this procession, the cut metal sheets would be sent into the next station, usually stamping machines or milling machines, for more precision progress to form the well-done products.

During these progressions, the operators only need to do three things, unwrap the metal sheet coil, put the metal sheet into the feeding machine through the platform, and finally start the machine. After that, all the progressions, including feeding, transforming, and material machining, would be completed automatically under the cooperation of each station in the product line.

Product lines with coil feeders combined with other kinds of machine tools are usually designed large. Since it is automatically operated, parts that do not need labors on this product line would usually be covered by security nets for preventing possible accidents.

Introduction of Decoiler Straightener Feeder

Decoiler straightener feeder is one of the variations of coil feeding machine. Functioning similar to the coil feeding machines, the decoiler straightener feeders are used as the first station of machining procession.

Different from the coil feeding machines, decoiler straightener feeders are not space taking that they are usually designed as a set of two or three equipment while the coil feeding machines are designed as a huge product line.

They can be designed as two-in-one mode or three-in-one mode.

Two-in-one Mode Decoiler Straightener Feeder
Two-in-one mode decoiler straightener feeder contains an uncoiler and a straightener, which are designed for higher thickness of general thickness material.

The general sizes are smaller than the one designed as product lines and are less space taking because the overall structure is compact.

When transferring the uncoiled metal sheets, feeders of this design use NC servo rollers to pass the metal sheets into the machine tools which are responsible for stamping or pressing.

Three-in-one Mode Decoiler Straightener Feeder
There are three parts, PLC control, servo motor drive, and numerical control, consisting the three-in-one mode decoiler straightener feeder.

Looping spaces this design takes would not be as large as other types of coil feeders. The two free guide rollers on both sides and the advance photo sensors can keep the coil looping steadily.

The decoiler would feed the coiled metal sheets from the lower position to the upper position, pass the opener device, coil tip flatness device, pinch rollers, work rollers, and feed rollers, thus the coiled metal sheets would pass all the stations smoothly.

Introduction of Straightener Feeder

Straightener feeders are the machine tools which are used to straighten the coiled metal sheets into flap plates for the following machining progression.

In common situations, straightener feeders would have the features below:
Simpler Design for Greater Ease of Operation
For operators, minimize operating errors or even making it zero is the main target. Also, this is the reason why the operator’s panel is designed. 

The whole machining progression can be planned easily and minimize the potential of making mistakes through the panel. Besides, operation, maintenance and excellent workability are also properties of this design.

Large Straightening Roll Adjustment
The coil line system has been designed with a large straightening adjustment wheel which allows the operators to control the machine more easily.

New Standard Technology
The KR coil straightener feeder is now the industrial standard of feeding technology.

The KL mode coil line system which is developed by further refining its functions in detail is now recognized as a standard of straightener feeders for next generation.

In Pursuit of Downsizing
When planning the factory, the range of space the machine tools take would be one of the important factors to consider because the amount of equipment would directly influence the productivity. 

In the industrial field, sometimes a product would require a product line consists with multiple machine tools to complete. Considering about that the straightener feeders are just the first station of the whole product line, they would be designed less space taking.

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