Automatic Saw

The best configuration for all applications

The automatic band saw is designed for loading full length bars and cutting them into short and medium length parts. Choose the configuration best suited to your application for best results. Many are available for cutting steel, aluminum, brass and high strength metals. Compact, durable and easy to use, automatic band saws are designed to cut pipes and rods and are ready to work 24 hours a day.

Depending on the application, different chargers can be selected for automatic bandsaws, from a simple loading table with a sloping table or a slingshot loader to an advanced stepper device for profiles with special shapes. There are loaders for feeding single or double rods and heavy rods or pipes. Each of the automatic band saws has been designed for reliable operation and high performance.

Customized managing of parts and scrap

Two unloading positions for parts up to 500 mm (19.6 ") with a programmable" change of body "function. They also have drops at the end of the rod, and the chips are unloaded separately at the back of the machine. An optional device can add two additional collection points for parts from 250 to 1500 mm long is ideal.

Customized parts and scrap management

Bar management; integrity and quality are always needed during loading, full rods are always supported to prevent falling and impact.

This protects the surface finish of delicate pipes, reduces noise and manages handling of heavier rods. Production switching: easy to program, quick to configure. To change the tube to a new size or shape, the operator simply adjusts the conveniently placed hand wheels.

The clamping force and pressure of the feed trolley on automatic band saws can be adjusted independently to prevent crushing or damaging thin-walled pipes or delicate surfaces. Production change: easy to program, quick to configure.

The automatic band saw can be configured for cutting brass, setting the industry standard for cutting performance and squareness.

The use of "hard metal" saw blades doubles the tool life and ensures even higher performance and less programming, more production.

Programming a new task is extremely fast, even for inexperienced operators. Just follow the guiding icons on the large 15-inch touch screen. Enter the diameter of the tube or rod, cutting length and type of material. The automatic bandsaws will automatically select all other parameters of the cutting head, feed cart and, most importantly, the saw blade. The extraordinary ease of use ensures maximum performance and productivity. Increase efficiency by organizing multiple machine programs into work orders and sending them to each system via the network using software. Each batch and work order will contain the settings required to optimize quality and cycle times.

The traditional method of cutting wood with a table saw involves a stationary saw motor in which wood is fed manually by the saw. This approach entails serious security threats. On the other hand, cutting aluminum requires extra care and careful workmanship to ensure an accurate cut, and cutting can be dangerous if not done properly. Taking into account the inherent risks of conventional cutting practices, the cutting limitations of the two materials, the advantages of automation and the support of the panel structure are necessary. As a result of mapping from the functional domain to the physical domain, it was found that the feed speed and rotational speed for cutting wood and aluminum are coupled.

A complete control system strategy was developed, from process definition to full implementation to meet project goals, and based on the analysis an unbound saw cutting machine design was introduced. Discrete event modeling is used to estimate machine performance and the implications of various profile sizes. Simulation results provide valuable insight into key machine performance indicators, such as cycle time and operator usage of automatic band saws.

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