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The pipe cutting equipment such as metal cutting chop saws can get you a great, precise cut. We can also give you many options when looking for the perfect pipe cutting equipment for your projects. The Dry Cutting Saw: 14"-16" Dry Abrasive Mitering Saws use abrasive wheels, giving the ability to cut metal pipe at angles between 45° and 90° due to the mitering cutting head that can swivel 45° left of center. The quick action cam lock vise on the dry cutting saw holds the metal pipe while the cutting head is locked at the desired cutting angle, ensuring a proper cut. You may need metal cutting chop saws to cut many different types of metal pipe. Some examples of metal pipe uses are water pipes, sewage pipes, structural steel pipes, industrial steel pipes, scaffolding pipes and oil & gas pipes.

The metal cutting chop saws can cut almost any type of material. Grinding wheels on metal cutting chop saws are used for cutting stainless steel, cutting metal, cutting steel, cutting aluminum, cutting structural steel, cutting steel ropes, cutting steel rods, cutting hydraulic hose, cutting exotic alloys, cutting non-ferrous metals, metallurgical cutting, pipe cutting, copper cutting and brass cutting. The metal chop saws can also be used as a pipe cutting tool, ensuring a sharp cut with our grinding wheels. Our metal chop saws are used in production, maintenance, production and many other applications. A brief description of some types of cut materials is listed below.

Stainless steel cutting

Stainless steel cutting requires a high-quality fast blade that is always sharp. Internally reinforced and externally reinforced fiberglass abrasive discs are ideal for dry cutting when cutting stainless steel pipes. Stainless steel is used to build door handles, catering equipment, bridges, decorative mesh, handrail cables, inlet and exhaust valves, and high pressure hydrogen tank components. Home appliances, surgical implants, steam turbine blades, pipes, gun barrels and others are manufactured using stainless steel, which means that when the goal is to cut stainless steel, you'll need the best cutting saw.

The metal chop saw is the first choice for cutting bars, rods, pipes and other stainless steel sections. The metal chop saw is great because each saw is attached with a clamp to hold the object and a large motor and cut the wheel to cut hard stainless steel.

All types and sizes are used to cut stainless steel. For example, a wet saw is very useful for cutting stainless steel. Choose a diameter of 10 to 26 inches for all types of stainless steel cutting. A wet saw usually cuts at 30 seconds per square inch of material, depending on the metal being cut. It's fast! In addition, the dry cutting saw is ideal for cutting stainless steel. Our dry cutting machines have grinding wheels of various sizes, from 8 to 26 inches. All sizes of our grinding wheels ensure accurate and efficient cutting of stainless steel.

Aluminum cutting

Aluminum is a frequently used material because of its lightness and strength. Economical saw for cutting at an angle of 12 "-14" ensures fast, precise cutting of aluminum and other non-ferrous materials. These saw blades have pre-set stops at 45 °, the cutting heads rotate in both directions and lock without special tools. Aluminum is used in the construction of frames, gutters, roofs, kitchen utensils and household appliances, golf clubs, tennis rackets, indoor and outdoor furniture, power lines and aircraft.

Cutting structural steel

The size and shape of structural steel is regulated in most industrialized countries. Due to the high strength-to-weight ratio, structural steel is used in the construction of the highest modern buildings. Dry saw: The 26-inch oscillating dry saws are ideal for cutting structural steel, because this type of saw can cut up to 6 "solids and 7" thick sections. Structural steel is formed into steel I-sections used in the construction of houses, commercial buildings, office buildings and skyscrapers, as well as rails used in railways.

Wire Rope Cutting

Cutting the rope requires proper holding of the rope during cutting. This dry cutting saw uses abrasive wheels to get a clean cut on the rope. Dry cutting saw: 14 "-16" and 20 "-22" Special saws for cutting abrasive are made so that the heavy rope does not have to be lifted to the level of the table. A chain vice operated by a foot pedal securely holds the rope during cutting. Steel ropes are used for hoists, elevators and cranes, supporting suspension bridges and towers, and transferring strength in aircraft by connecting levers and pedals in the cockpit with flight control surfaces.

The steel rope consists of both stainless steel and carbon steel. The steel strands are twisted, forming a spiral and are very strong, thanks to which the wires withstand high tensile forces. If required, a 26-inch steel rope cutting machine is available on request. All wire saws can be used as dry cutting saws and dry grinding wheels.

Cutting steel bars

Cutting steel bars is very easy thanks to the dry metal cutting chop saws: 14 "-16" Dry Abrasive Double Mitering Machine. This type of metal chop saws has the ability to cut 2 "solids, 5" pipes and most 3 "shapes. Steel bars are used in reinforced concrete and in components for cars and household goods.

Hydraulic hose cutting

Wire braid, spiral reinforced and thermoplastic hoses require a fast dry cutting saw. Dry cutting saw: Spiral cutting of 14 "-16" hydraulic hose. Machines for cutting this type of hose can be up to 3 ". The hydraulic feed control valve ensures smooth and accurate cutting only on PH models. The hydraulic hose is used in high pressure cleaning equipment, tools and hydraulic machines.

Exotic Alloy Cutting

Exotic materials refer to metals that do not fall into the categories commonly used in production and can therefore be difficult when cutting. The 10 "and 12" -14 "wet shut-off saws are ideal for exotic alloys because the adjustable flood collector coolant provides cooling wheels for abrasive wheels and the reflective cutting area. Exotic alloys include aluminum, nickel, chrome, cobalt, copper, Hastelloy® , Haynes®, Iconel®, mercury, molybdenum, Monel®, platinum, stainless steel, tantalum, titanium, tungsten and Waspaloy®. Exotic metals are used in construction. Walls, roofs, nuts, bolts, screws, sockets and studs can all made of exotic alloys. In the transport industry, engine and transmission parts are made of alloys. Plow knives and knives are generally made of exotic alloys. Valves used in plumbing and household appliances are also made of exotic materials.

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