High Speed Circular Saw Machine

What is a High Speed Circular Saw Machine?

The high speed circular saw machine is used to cut metals with a toothed blade. Circular saw machine is also known as a cold saw machine. To allow both the cutting blade and the metal materials to remain cool, the saw blade can transfer the heat to the chips which were created during cutting. In the cold sawing process, the material is released in a shearing motion by the blade teeth while the feed mechanism rotates the saw forward. Benefits of a high speed circular saw machine include less burr production, sparks, discoloration and no dust.

High speed circular saw machines are equipped with circular blades which are made from solid high speed steel (HSS), some circular saw blades are tungsten carbide-tipped. Typically, the circular saw blades used in circular saw machines are able to be sharpened regularly. High speed circular saw machines commonly use electric motors, an AC vector drive, and gear system to reduce the spinning rate of the circular saw blade but maintain a consistent torque. The arrangement allows the high speed circular saw machine to feed and work at consistent speed and also provides higher loads of chips per blade tooth. As for the materials, the work pieces should be clamped firmly to keep them from moving during cold saw cutting. The type of the circular saw blades, the number of the blade teeth, the feeding and cutting speed all should be considered to match the type and size of the metal parts you are going to cut. 

Why Use a High Speed Circular Saw Machine?

High speed circular saw machines are versatile for cutting a variety of metals, including both ferrous and non-ferrous alloys. Ferrous metals have a high carbon content while non-ferrous metals do not. Ferrous metals include alloy steel, carbon steel, cast iron and wrought iron; non-ferrous metals, on the other hand, include copper, lead, tin, zinc, aluminum, and also the precious metals such as gold and silver.

Also, a high speed circular saw machine is equipped with a flood coolant system that is responsible for constantly cooling the teeth of circular saw blades. The lubricated unit can reduce the discoloration as well as sparks while cutting. As above-mentioned, they can transfer the energy and heat to the chips, ensuring the equipment and metal pieces remain cold. In contrast, there is another type of saw machine which abrades the metal materials and generates a considerable amount of heat that is eventually absorbed by both the blade and the metals. The type of saw is called an abrasive saw. 

During abrasive cutting, the metal materials and the blade expand due to the heat, this leads to potential binding and produces even more heat through friction. The condition increases effort to perform metal cutting, the tool wear and considerable energy consumption.

Introduction to Circular Saw Blade

The circular saw blades used in cold saw machines can be divided into 2 types, which are the HSS and the TCT type. Both types of the metal cutting blades are able to be sharpened regularly and reused many times before replacement. Circular cold saw blades mainly cut the materials with a slower rotational speed with greater chip load. The SFM, which stands for surface feet per minute, can be up to 5000, which is 25m per second. As for the chip load, it ranges from 0.025 to 0.08 mm per tooth. 

● HSS Type:

This type of cold saw used in high speed circular saw machines is made from solid high speed steel, which is typically either M2 or M35 tool alloy steel with the content of cobalt. For ferrous sawing applications like cutting carbon steel, high speed steel circular saw is manufactured and hardened with 64/65 HRC. The ideal hardness provides the high speed circular saw machine high resistance against heat and reduces tool wear. 

The disadvantage here is that this type of cold sawing blade is more brittle with less resistance to impact.
This high hardness gives the cutting edges of the teeth a high resistance to heat and wear. Solid HSS circular saw blades are used for a large range of metal cutting applications including forgings, castings, structural sections, billets, bars, extrusions, and so on. These blades are commonly coated with black oxide, this coating ensures greater coolant distribution over the blade surface.

● TCT Type:

Another popular type of blades used for metal sawing is the tungsten carbide-tipped type. TCT circular saw blade consists of an alloy body with tungsten carbide inserts teeth tips. The tips on the surfaces can create ideal cutting and clearance angles on every tooth. As for the alloy steel body, it is made from wear-resistant steel which hardened to 38/42 HRC. These blades are capable of operating at higher temperature than HSS and also rotate at higher surface speeds. 

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