Double Column Band Saw

A power saw with a long sharp blade consisting of a continuous toothed metal band stretched to cut material between two wheels is what we call a double column band saw. Double column band saws have a pair of large columns for exceptionally high rigidity and precision, one on either side of the work. On precision field linear guides, Double Column machines lift and lower the head. The blade reaches the material at an angle with double column band saws, usually narrower than the scissor-style devices, but slices around the circumference of the material. The rigidity of a double column band saw also lowers vibration, leading to a higher level of cut and longer life of the blade. Double column saw blades also take the shortest route through the material, decreasing the time required per cut and increasing production numbers. 

Double-column Band Saw Features

Two common configurations occur for horizontal band saws. The first is the form of a scissor, which pivots on a bearing on one side of the head, similar to a pair of scissors, as the name suggests. On precision field linear guides, double-column machines lift and lower the head. The blade reaches the material at an angle with double column band saws, usually narrower than the scissor-style devices, but slices around the circumference of the material. Owing to the double columns supporting both ends of the head, double column saws are much more stable than their pivoting counterparts, resulting in almost constant feed pressure and feed velocity over the whole width of the break. 

The double-column band saw also passes through the shortest path of the material, reducing the time required for each cut and increasing the production quantity. Although two-row machines can produce better cutting results faster, their price tags tend to be higher. However, the increased cost can be quickly recovered through the increase in production volume. Generally, for more demanding production lines that use larger materials, this larger investment usually makes sense.

Advantages of Double-column Band Saws

Double column band saw designs have a structure that is much more durable and costly than a pivoting form. Such saws hydraulically lift and lower the entire sawing machine up and down on precision columns, giving a smooth motion during the sawing process. The machines of choice for heavy-duty sewing applications are usually equipped with wider blades in the 3 cm range and beyond these saws, where rigidity and power pay back inaccurate cuts and durability.

Such saws are also ideal for many specialized features such as Auto Mitering, Auto Shuttling, Package Clamping/Cutting, etc. They are extremely skilled in cutting a wide range of materials, including but not limited to structural solids, tubing, stainless steel, and tool steels.

Although double column band saw machines are quicker to make better cuts, they appear to have heavier price tags as well. However, with the rise in manufacturing figures, the additional cost can be easily regained. For more demanding assembly lines dealing with greater components, this larger investment typically makes sense. The double-column band saw is the largest type of machine in the band saw inventory for the metalworking industry.

What Double-column Band Saw Size do You Need?

Double column band saws typically come in sizes varying from approximately 230 mm to 1500 mm with model numbers that correspond while cutting at 90 degrees to their optimum power in millimeters. In general, greater capacity saws have larger motors to provide more torque to allow the operator to cut quicker, not just wider, and increase the speed at which the blade can get through the wood. But as scale rises, costs do so too. How large is sufficiently big? All that depends. On a regular basis, what size and sort of content do you cut? We recommend having around 5 cm more clearance than the material you cut more often. This makes it easier for you to squeeze some one-off cuts but stops you from buying more computers than you need.

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