Heavy Duty Band Saw

About Heavy Duty Band Saw

Heavy duty band saw is a type of band saw specifically designed for heavy duty projects with large capacity cutting. Heavy duty band saws are ideal for cutting heavy duty metal materials (or sometimes wood) with the maximum height of 650 mm to 1500 mm, and the maximum width of 650 mm to 1500 mm. This type of band saws feature sturdy frame and hydraulic control.

Heavy Duty Band Saw for Metal Cutting

As mentioned, heavy duty band saw is a metal band saw that is also an ideal power tool for cutting through heavy duty metals. Band saws for metal cutting can typically be classified into two categories: the horizontal band saw and the vertical band saw. The vertical metal band saw is usually used for more intricate tasks such as polishing filing and contouring, whereas horizontal metal band saws are typically used for cutting down stock to size.

Heavy duty band saws for metal cutting typically require more maintenance as opposed to other band saws in the same family because they are generally equipped with additional features. When undertaking heavy duty metal cutting using a band saw, the machine it bound to get real hot, so the machine is usually accompanied by a coolant that keeps the blades cool and lubricated. Heavy duty band saws for metal cutting are often accompanied by brush wheels as well that prevent metal chips from getting into the blade.

Unlike other band saws, heavy duty band saws are capable of cutting through a range of heavy duty materials other than just wood, making them one of the most prevalent tools in most workshops. Some of the tasks and projects that heavy duty metal band saws specialize in include:

● Creating new blades for different types of band saws to use.
● Capable of cutting down heavy duty metal stock down to smaller and more manageable sizes.
● Capable of cutting back stocks and pipes to the desired length.

Heavy Duty Band Saw for Wood Cutting

A heavy duty band is also one of the most popular power tools in carpentry, a versatile machine that is capable of cutting through heavy duty wood materials. This type of band saw is typically used by professional wood workers.

You most likely won’t be seeing too many heavy duty band saws for wood cutting in smaller workshops, but other specialized entities like a timber mill may utilize a heavy duty band saw for ripping lumber. This type of band saw has the unique capability of cutting through heavy duty timber that is of larger diameter than the regular wood material. And thanks to the smaller cut size, less quality timber is wasted as a result.

Heavy duty band saws for wood cutting generally feature sturdy construction that is made of rugged sheet of steel for maximum rigidity. The table is usually made of precision ground cast iron with the rib reinforced, and is fixed without tilting. Sometimes the rear table support may be designed to allow level adjustment.

As for the blade, it is typically guarded completely, revealing only the operating portion to ensure operator safety. Blade guard can be swung out when no longer being used. Ball bearings are also used to guide the top and bottom of the blade. And lastly, the wheels are typically made of cast iron, balanced dynamically to ensure smooth workflow.

Final Words

To sum up, a heavy band saw is not only adept at cutting through metals, but they are also ideal for ripping lumber in woodworking. A quality heavy duty band saw will allow you to cut through any large diameter materials with minimal effort, and you’d be surprised how smooth the cuts can be.

Band saws, despite the type, are all based on the same mechanism regardless of the intended application. A pulley system and wheel are used to move the blade around, along with either pneumatic or hydraulic control for maximum power. Without such system, the kickback of any heavy duty machinery may become too power, putting the operators at risk.

Last but not least, just like any other heavy duty machineries, heavy duty band saws tend to be bigger in size compared with other band saws or table saw. So, you will need to take the available space into consideration if you intend to get one of these for your workshop. Fortunately, there are many models (e.g., the benchtop models) that generate just as much cutting power, but do not take up too much space.

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