Double Miter Saw

Miter saws are flexible woodworking instruments that have been built to cut a range of construction materials such as wood, siding, flooring, or even PVC pipes. Many other names, such as chop box saws, chop saws, and miter box saws, go with miter saws. Like the single bevel saw the blade angles of a double miter saw will switch on both the left and right, as opposed to only one hand. This type of instrument is called a double miter saw by some people because it can be moved in any direction to production cuts. 

Since the saw head can spin to both the right and the left on a fulcrum, you can make similar bevel cuts in your workpiece without spinning the material around. On both sides of the workpiece, double miter saws help you to make accurate and uniform cuts. It also makes the job simpler and smoother, as even on longer workpieces, you can make quicker repetitive cuts.

Double Miter Saw Applications

For a lot of various work styles, the double miter saw is very great. For custom and handcrafted goods, but also industrial workpieces the double miter saw is a great choice. For these types of jobs, using a double miter saw is very smart because it saves you a lot of time and resources. Moreover, by turning it over, you never have to think about the location of a board or holding a board in the same spot and you never have to turn it over. 

To encourage you to do the job with ease on the opposite side, you can only move the saw. Without a double miter saw, complicated or fancy crown molding is one of the tasks that are very difficult. While you can do simple molding, without the double miter, you can not get any of the complicated details.

Advantages of a Double Miter Saw

The double miter saw is much more flexible than the usual compound miter saw when it comes to it and indeed, there are some important variations between the two that you need to be conscious of. So, only in a single direction can a single miter saw bevel, which is good for certain uses, but not for all. 

Generally speaking, the standard miter saw can only do so in one direction while creating those vertically angled bevel cuts. This means that you can't just bend the blade in the other direction if you need to make the same cut on the other side of the wood or object being cut. So you really have to raise the workpiece and switch it over to make matching cuts. 

For a double miter saw, this is not something you have to do. A double miter saw allows the blade to bevel in both directions and makes vertically inclined bevel cuts in any direction, so it can tilt both left and right.

Double Miter Saw Costs

Double miter saws are more costly than single-bevel saws. A single-bevel miter saw can be used as a double miter saw to make the same cuts. The benefit of a double miter saw is ease and efficacy. If you are thinking of becoming a trim carpenter and planning to install delicate decorative millwork, it may be worth spending the extra money on a double miter saw. If you are an average DIYer who would often tackle crown molding, a single-bevel model will get the job done.

Difference Between Single and Double Miter Saws

In terms of the angles at which you can strike, double miter saws give even more flexibility as the saw head rotates both left and right. You ultimately ought to assess the job at hand and any possible future tasks while determining if you want to go with a single bevel vs. double compound miter saw. As we have mentioned, the simple benefit of double miter saws over single bevel miter saws is that the difficulty of having to flip the workpiece around impedes the speed at which you can work effectively.

Compared to the double miter saw, this can be a hassle when dealing with a compound miter saw which helps you to clearly modify the position of the bevel. When you are working on something like crown molding, this feature makes it even simpler. Another thing you need to note here too is that when it comes to picking the angle of the bevel, the dual bevel miter saw is typically much more effective than the compound miter saw.

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