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Portable band saws, despite their usefulness, enjoy less interest from people and professionals. Similarly, most people think that a portable band saw is mainly used for beautiful decorative cuts. Yes, he's right to some extent. Does it, however, have other uses?

Today we will discuss the most popular and innovative applications of portable band saws. Concise and narrative tips will help carpenters, plumbers, steelworkers, and homeowners to understand the limitless potential of a portable band saw.

The portable band saw is a handy tool for cutting and cutting. You can use it to perform a wide range of works. Knowing the appropriate purposes for using a portable band saw will help you in two ways. This will speed up your work and also allow you to perform some of the unthinkable tasks.

Cutting Structural Steels

Portable band saws are most often used in metalworking workshops for cutting and shaping steel. Manufacturers use a high-performance band saw and steel forming blade in their store. However, it has limited use due to the enormous strength of steel.

The size and power of the portable band saw are limited; due to this, it can cut only thin steel sheets.

Billet Shaping

Billets, commonly called bars, are a raw form of refined metal. It is widely used in the production of various metal parts. Most machine companies use a band saw to cut these billets into their basic shapes.

With the help of a band saw, you can easily cut stocks of rods into rectangular or square shapes. Most billets are extremely hard and require the cutting of stronger instruments. The use of a portable band saw is limited.

Creating a Tenon Connection

Most woodworking work requires recessed and tenon joints. It helps to firmly connect two different parts of the wood. The portable saw can be used to produce the tongue of the tenons. The smooth tenon tongue is then inserted into the recessed hole, creating a strong connection.

Downsizing Wood Workpieces

With a portable band saw, you can cut large wood such as 12 "X12" into smaller sizes such as 6 "X6" or even to the smallest size. This is a great advantage of these saws. However, do not try to cut more significant elements, such as a height of 2-3 feet, because the portable band saw will be damaged.

Making Notches

Incisions with purlins are necessary for the woodworking industry. It is an integral part of standard roofs. Most carpenters use portable saws with a guide with two blades to make ordinary incisions. In these cases, use a 30-degree blade for better performance.

Creating Truss Circles

If you are not afraid of hard work and you are ready to invest some time, you can make a truss with a portable saw. Nevertheless, it is tedious work. So be prepared to sacrifice your sweat. However, it is worth investing some time, because the trusses will make the roof look stunning.

Meat and Butchering Industry

Butchers use a specially built portable band saw to cut large pieces of flesh and bones into smaller ones. It saves time and energy. Earlier, butchers preferred traditional meat sizing machines, but nowadays portable saws are getting popular.

Create Veneers

In carpentry, you may need thin veneers instead of thick ones. How do you get them? You can use a portable saw to cut thick veneer boards according to your desired measurement. Is this not a great innovative idea?

Decorative Cuts

Finally, we are pleased to present the most popular use of a portable saw. You can use it for various decorative cuts. However, the most preferred application is the creation of pergolas with a saw. With a portable saw, you can make the ends of the pergola and brackets.

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