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The most prominent feature of a portable metal bandsaw is – surprise, surprise – its portability. This feature opens up endless possibilities. For example, it can be used to cut metal road signs, railway ties, or anything outside the workshop. It can also be used to cut larger materials that are not suitable for conventional bandsaw machines. Also, because the blade of the portable metal band saws can provide minimum vibration and constant pressure, it can be used to cut pipes or similar objects, thereby making the cutting cleaner. In this article, we will compare conventional and portable metal band saws, talk about the main benefits of portable bandsaws, and discuss how important it is or isn’t to have a cordless model. Let’s get right to it!

Difference Between Conventional and Portable Metal Bandsaw

Traditional or conventional floor saws are often used to cut and carve irregular shapes, tear wood into thinner boards, and re-saw. Similarly, the bandsaw can cut neatly, and if the correct blade is used, it can be used to cut strong materials such as metal. Obviously, due to its size, traditional bandsaws have a greater maximum cutting capacity. The portable metal bandsaw is as its name suggests, even if you can easily carry it with you. Therefore, it is the first choice for large projects where materials may not fit into traditional bandsaw machines, or for large projects where the bandsaw machine needs to be operated outside a garage or store.

Advantages of a Portable Metal Bandsaw

Bandsaws are very convenient when cutting, sawing, and tearing wood or metal again. This is why most shops must be equipped with bandsaws. Homeowners who do their carpentry and other projects at home can also get one by themselves. There are two types of bandsaws: vertical and portable metal band saws. Although the vertical metal bandsaw has its advantages, because of its many advantages, many people now prefer to use a portable style. Let's look at some of the main advantages of portable bandsaws over fixed bandsaws.

You can use it for stationary objects
Generally, when cutting wood or other objects, workers need to carry the objects to the place where the bandsaw cuts. However, by using a portable bandsaw, you can operate it without carrying heavy objects or moving fixed objects. You can move the saw itself instead of carrying objects.

It increases your efficiency
Bandsaws are usually good tools to make cutting, ripping, and sawing faster and easier. Sometimes, if you have to bring a long and heavy pipe to a vertical bandsaw for cutting, it may not work as fast as you want. Just moving these huge logs takes a lot of time, not to mention manpower. Carrying a portable metal bandsaw can cut the time in half because you don’t need to spend a lot of time pulling objects to the desired location. In the metal industry, workers often deal with long strips of metal. Using a portable bandsaw can prevent you from sanding and re-welding metal.

It creates fewer sparks and produces less noise
In some places, you cannot use an open flame or other cutting tools that may cause a fire. In these places, it is best to use a portable metal bandsaw because it produces fewer sparks than other cutting tools. This tool is also very suitable for use in places where noise problems may occur. Compared with some other tools commonly used in carpentry, it produces less noise.

Directional changes are easier
Cutting the curve perfectly is one of the main features of the portable bandsaw. The tool is easy to operate, and the operator can easily switch directions according to his wishes. Some knobs and switches allow you to adjust speed and direction safely and easily.

Easy controls
This benefit depends on the model and manufacturer of the tool. Due to the extra weight of the battery, some older versions of portable metal bandsaws may be heavier and more difficult to control. Today, many excellent portable devices use power cords to improve the portability and controllability of tools.

Cord or no Cord, that is the Question!

Of course, both types will get your sawing job done. However, the main difference is that portable metal band saws usually have smaller blades compared to bandsaws with a cord. Therefore, it cannot pull enough force to tear the thick plate. Portable metal bandsaw can be used in workplaces where nearby sockets are not available. Besides, when doing a lot of work, an unlimited power supply is more effective than having to replace the battery and charge.

So generally speaking, if you know you will perform most of your sawing jobs with a power outlet within reach then you should opt for a corded portable metal bandsaw as you will get more performance overall and decrease the amount of rework necessary. In other words, as technology continues to advance, cordless tools will continue to become more powerful, and the service life of a single charge is longer.

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