Flash Butt Welding Machines

In the development of metal working history, welding is the technology of welding was found at a very early age and was used widely by workers all over the world across civilizations. In fact, the welding technique offers people to make their work piece larger than the natural resources can offer, connecting all kinds of metal materials together for a wide variety of industrial purposes.

In the welding sector, the flash butt welding machine is an electrical resistance welding process designed on a welding machine that is utilized for joining components, in which the energy transfer is offered primarily by the resistance heat from the parts themselves. The parts and components are positioned end to end across the full joint areas. A range of section sizes and complex shapes can be con-joined through this machine. During the process, the parts are clamped and brought together slowly while a flashing voltage is applied. Though the process can be manually achieved, most welding machines nowadays are automatic.

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Flash Butt Welding Machines


Flash Butt Welding Machines

Flash Butt Welding Machine / DDIFB-150~300-Z

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